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Slash chipping - July 6

SLPPOA residents,

La Cueva Volunteer Fire Department (LCVFD) currently has the county chipper and is bringing it to SLP on July 6. It may return on July 20 if demand is great enough and our members have the energy/time.

If you want us to chip your slash, here are the requirements:

* Contact Lee Taylor via voice or text at (505) 269-6435 to arrange location, time, and where you want the chips to go.
* Piles must be accessible to the chipper. It is towed behind a pickup truck that needs ingress/egress and a level work area.
* Pile your slash neatly near but not on the road/driveway. The large ends must be towards the road. This work takes a lot of our energy, and we don't have extra energy to spare untangling your piles.
* LCVFD is doing this to lower the fuel loading in our fire district - benefiting you by decreasing the severity of any fire that starts. While we do not charge for chipping, residents are always welcome to donate to our auxiliary. A lot of good comes from donations to our auxiliary - helping to keep us well-equipped for a variety of emergencies.

John Fredlund