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SLPPOA Water System 2 Update

It is becoming necessary (probably for the next week or so) to limit the water on that lower portion of Los Griegos on a daily basis. The weekend schedule will be something like :

Evening water should be available 5-9 pm
Morning water should be available 8-11 am

Actions taken or planned by SLP Volunteers:

Allowed the storage tanks to completely fill
Repaired the stuck(malfunctioned) lower side pressure gauge
Activate and use our SLP Acoustic Leak Detector Listening Device
Ordered main line isolation valves for installation to facilitate smaller sections of main line isolation
Requested assistance (have an appointment on Monday) with a circuit rider from the New Mexico Rural Water Association
Requested advice from a recently contacted Professional Engineer (possible visit on Monday afternoon)
Secure water for a member that has had no water for 5 days

Rest assured, we will extend the "ON" times mentioned above when Sys 2 water storage volume allows.

Thanks much for your patience.