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Cerro Pelado Road Closure

Cerro Pelado will be closed at 9:00 am TODAY, Monday March 6, for a main water line repair. Upper Los Griegos has been plowed and cindered but it is still advisable to have 4WD to go up it.

Cerro Pelado Road Closure & Water Repair Plan for Monday

We finally were able to get the line locates done today at Noon. We plan on closing Cerro Pelado at 9:00 a.m. on Monday, March 6th. This means the only access to the East end of Los Griegos will be on upper Los Griegos Road. This road is not accessible to anyone without 4 WD or chains and skilled winter mountain driving skills! I don’t want a bunch of people getting stuck and needing to get winched out. It is imperative that this info is broadcast so people can plan ahead. We hope to have the repair done in one day.

John Hines

SLPPOA Water Operator

Water System 2 Storage Tanks

All users on System 2, please refrain from using any water except for emergencies so the tanks can catch up.

Thank you.

John Hines, SLPPOA Water Operator

System 2 UNPLANNED Water Outage

At 5:00pm, a main break occurred at Cerro Pelado hill. It drained the tanks completely and they are now refilling. John and Shawn had to snowshoe to the tanks and then chip ice and snow off of the valve to shut off the line. Presently we have two customers without water on Cerro Pelado.

Beware that Cerro Pelado will be closed tomorrow at 9:00 am in order to facilitate the excavation and repair. Be forewarned that the upper Los Griegos has drifted and it may be difficult to detour around until that can be opened up.

Water Outage & Excavation 2/27/2023, System 2, Lower Los Griegos

Good Morning,

Expect no water on the lower addresses of Los Griegos. We will be excavating AGAIN at 071-88 Los Griegos to locate and repair what we believe to be a MAIN frozen water service line.

Once excavation begins at approximately 9 am, all traffic should expect a detour via Aspen as the lower Los Griegos will be blocked.

Thank you for your CONTINUED cooperation and patience.


SLPPOA Water Outage Feb 6, Sys 1 Aztec Lane

Good Morning,

Expect no water on all of Aztec 8:30 am until fixed!

We're chasing (3 holes so far) a frozen branch water feeder at the end of Aztec. We've narrowed it down to < 100 ft. Excavation is difficult as the frost level is around 2 feet.

Thank you for your patience.


SLPPOA Annual Assessments Notifications

To whom it may concern,

Our annual assessment invoices have been delayed at HOAMCO this year. They are expected to be mailed on or before the week of December 18th, 2022.

The annual assessment for 2023 has been increased to $1,095. Information regarding the increase will be included in a newsletter that will be sent with your invoice and attached in this email. The 2023 budget will also be included with these documents.

No water again this morning

Workers found a water leak yesterday that was losing 2-4 gallons a minute. The leak is being worked on today to get it repaired and the water restored.

Water Out

From the reactions I received from various people in the know, this is a surprise outage. Maybe back by 13:00?

Slash chipping

The fire department will be chipping slash in SLP on 7/30/22. If you have slash that you’d like us to chip please have it piled with the butt ends all facing the same direction and in an area accessible by a pickup truck and the chipper.

Please send me a text message or an email to Lee Taylor if you have a need for this service.

Lee Taylor
La Cueva District
Sandoval County Fire Rescue
505-269-6435 mobile
575-829-3355 Office