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Fire Weather Friday

FYI for Friday.

Bottom Line

Damaging high winds and dangerous fire weather conditions are expected to develop with a storm system on Friday April 22 for much of New Mexico. Prepare for possible impacts from winds or if a wildfire ignites - prepare for rapid fire growth and spread. Prepared for blowing dust if travelling. Bring inside any loose objects that may become flying projectiles.


Shared Member Account

The shared account of this website will be disabled at the end of July. Accounts are required to access SLPPOA financial and legal information and to get private and community water usage data. If you have been using the shared member account you will need to register for a personal account from the website login page to continue to have access to this information. Your account will be approved after confirming your residence status with the member directory.

Fire Preparedness Workshop

Saturday May-01 12:00pm

Are YOU prepared for this upcoming fire season?

We invite you to join us for a COVID-19 safe presentation of our annual Jemez Mountain Fire Preparedness Workshop on May 1, 2021 at 12 p.m. at Jemez Mountain Baptist Church.

There will be many expert presenters with a lot of great information so come ready to learn!

6 Riverview Court, Jemez Springs, NM 87025 | (575) 829-4475

Request for recommendations for house painter

Looking for recommendations for reliable house painter in the SLPPOA area to paint exterior of house on Los Griegos Road. Target work date sometime in October, weather permitting. Please text or call Gary @ 440-570-7696 or email

Member Annual Meeting

Saturday September-12 2:00pm

Date: August 24, 2020

To: All SLPPOA Members


Dear Member:

Per Article II of the Association’s Bylaws, please accept this correspondence as written notice of the regular annual meeting of the general membership. This year’s annual meeting will be unique in that it will be conducted entirely over the online platform known as Zoom. This is being done in consideration of adherence to social distancing standards currently in effect due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rescheduled BoD Meeting

Tuesday September-15 7:15pm to 10:45pm

Special Meeting

Saturday August-08 2:00pm to 4:00pm

Re: One Last Attempt to Get Enough Votes to Meet the Required Minimum Quorum of Two-Thirds

Dear Member:

This is a final appeal to ask for your vote on the ballot which outlines proposed amendments to the Bylaws which govern the Sierra Los Pinos Property Owners’ Association. A sample ballot is attached. This will be the third and final time that one rendition or another of this ballot has been presented to the membership. If you have disregarded it before, please do not again.

System 1 Water Outages Today

Due to Jemez Mt. Electric Coop underground line replacement on Scouts Lane.
Duration unknown.

SLPPOA Road and Culverts

Hello SLPPOA Residents,

The recent road grading has created a lot of loose soil which is filling up the culverts. It is the responsibility of the land owner where the culvert is located along their property line to keep those culverts clear and dig them out. If the culverts fill up with soil the water from the rains runs across the road and damages the recent grading work we just performed. If you have a special situation please contact