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System 1 Emergency Water Outage --- UPDATE 1

Units 1, 3 and 10 (on the north side of the valley) will remain isolated tonight and perhaps throughout the weekend from our normal storage tank area.

The Hovenweep well is being operated from our generator. We will probably run the generator until "bedtime" tonight, then start again tomorrow morning.

The NM 811 locators have been called and will be here at approximately 8:30 am tomorrow. Excavation will begin immediately after the utilities are located. We may hand dig (volunteers) the leak site if a backhoe cannot be located by tomorrow. Our normal excavation contractor is out of town for the weekend.

We might suggest showering, washing, or flushing while the generator is on (tonight or tomorrow) for residents of Units 1, 3, & 10. Stow away some drinking and flushing water (separate containers...:-)) for when the generator is off.

Harold Corn

Peter Veverka