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SLPPOA Water System 2 Update

Tanks are filling and equalizing. Pressure is holding. Every residence except one (Sorry, Mr. & Mrs. Jaramillo) should have normal flow restored going forward. The suspected problem with the gate valve, which was reported yesterday, turned out to be something much less drastic. It was a pressure relief valve that had been closed. Once opened, that problem was resolved. At some point in the short term, we will have to engage a contractor to excavate and replace the line where the leak is now suspected. So that will mean one more day without water for an unspecified date, sometime in the not-too-distant future. But for now, please enjoy the regular return of water to your households.

Special recognition should be given to those who stepped up and volunteered their time and efforts to resolve this crisis in as well-reasoned a manner as possible. Thanks to Shawn Weary, Brad Shurter, Zech Robinson, Pete Veverka, and David Romero, circuit rider with the NM Rural Water Association. A special shout-out to Aaron Robinson whose mother, Sam, volun-told him to get the water turned on every morning at 0530 so there would be hot water before she and others left for work in the morning. Without the long hours and hard work put in by these dedicated volunteers, the issue of intermittent water availability may have persisted for a much longer time. So when you see any of them, be sure to thank them. They deserve it.

Paul Lisko, Member