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SLPPOA Water System 2 Leak Search & Repair Notice

Please be advised more water work on System 2 is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday through Friday this week. Parts have been ordered for delivery on Wednesday afternoon and the NM811 Locates should be complete by Wednesday morning.

SLP will have a contractor working from the intersection of Los Griegos and Cerro Pelado up to possibly the intersection at Shannon's Way.

Water flow should not be affected except for the two houses on Cerro Pelado as that branch water line is recharged after repair.

However, traffic flow may be impeded during the excavation and search for this leak. If any working warning signs are up, please follow Los Griegos all the way up and around avoiding Cerro Pelado. We will make every effort to allow the two property owners on Cerro Pelado access to their property.

Harold Corn