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Update on the SLPPOA Water System 2, Los Griegos, Cerro Pelado , Steel Tank, and Manhole Pump Line Leaks

It gives me great relief to announce as of Wednesday, Sept 4, it appears Water System 2 is fully functional again.

We excavated around the steel storage tank on Monday to find a broken 4 in fitting at the tank interface (the tank is not leaking). Repair was completed on Wednesday.
Also a small leak was repaired on the booster pump line inside the vault area on Tuesday.
The steel tank isolation valve was opened on Tuesday afternoon to begin refilling back up to normal storage levels.
Storage levels had reached 6 ft of water (diameter is 8 ft) by 8 am on Wednesday.
To my knowledge, no System 2 users were without water during this week's repairs.

Until next time...