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Special Meeting for April 18

Dear Member:
Given recent recommendations by the Centers for Disease Control, the NM Department of Health
and other related agencies, conducting any sort of public meeting with more than ten persons in
physical attendance is being strongly discouraged. To this end, the special meeting for the
Association scheduled for Saturday, April 18, which was called to review, discuss and vote upon
proposed bylaw amendments, may have to be suspended from that sort of venue.

As an alternative, I have been actively seeking the possibility of having this meeting conducted
electronically online with the Zoom platform. This common sense approach for holding public
meetings has currently been implemented by many different organizations in order to conduct
their business. I am uncertain whether or not I will ultimately be successful in arranging this for
the upcoming special meeting. However, I am willing to give it a try, since the business of
SLPPOA still needs to move forward, even in these challenging times.

What can you do to help? Please complete the ballot that was mailed to you, last week, and mail it
back in the envelope that was provided. You are encouraged to include any written comments you
would care to make on any of the bylaw amendments being proposed. Each comment will then be
carefully considered and brought up for discussion before the vote at the special meeting, however
it may be finally conducted.

If the public meeting being proposed for April 18 is to take place electronically, with as much of
the membership available to participate, then please be sure that the Association has a viable email
address for you, well in advance of that meeting. A link to Zoom can then be provided to you,
which will allow you to log in and actively participate in the meeting. If, by April 18, this venue
is not ready and accessible, or if restrictions for public gatherings remain effect, then the special
meeting will have to be postponed and scheduled for a later date.


Paul S. Lisko, President
SLPPOA Board of Directors