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Water System 2 Planned Outage a Success ... so far!

Thanks to all of you on Water System 2 for your cooperation and patience. It was a long but successful Saturday.

The PRV (Pressure Regulator Valve) and two gate valves were removed and new ones installed inside a confined space, each 70-100 lbs. The parts had to fit, bolted together within an exact space, end-to-end with gaskets between each flange. The PRV was in very bad shape being clogged with much pumice type sand.

In the "hole" was the NMRWA Circuit Rider David Romero along with Scott Allen (also supplied several of his own tools!}. Paul Lisko & I were passing the heavy valves back and forth, turning other isolation valves, draining lines, pressure checking, passing tools underground, etc. Everyone was a huge help. Let them know when you see them.

We have had some minor startup Booster Pump issues, but are working those out. Also, we are now able to isolate a major known leak on Lauer Lane discovered by Josh Toennis, to conserve even more Sys 2 water. That leak is scheduled to be repaired this week.

Harold Corn, SLPPOA Water Volunteer