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April 18 Membership Meeting Repurposed

Dear Member:
The special meeting scheduled from 2-4 PM on April 18, will be for informational purposes only. It will be
conducted over the online electronic platform known as Zoom. To participate, please be sure to have
downloaded the Zoom app onto the electronic device you expect to use for this virtual meeting of the
membership. Please also provide an email address through which you may then be able to join this meeting on Zoom. Send that contact information to I will serve as meeting host and send a
link to each email address provided.

Approximately 40 members in good standing already submitted, via US Mail, their ballots on the proposed
bylaw amendments. The special meeting for this Saturday was initially called to allow members to discuss
proposed ballot initiatives publicly, with a vote generated subsequently from those attending the meeting as
well as a tally of those votes already received. This discussion will still ensue. Members who want to
revise their ballots after the discussion period ends may do so and submit them at a subsequent meeting.

No final vote will occur at this meeting. Ballots already received, signed and sealed by a member in good
standing, will remain valid until a subsequent meeting, with required quorum met, occurs and the vote is
then taken. Any significant change to any ballot item, as recommended by a majority of members present
at the meeting of April 18, may then cause that specific item to be omitted from consideration at that time,
until appropriately revised, with integrity of the remaining ballot initiatives standing intact independently.

This subsequent meeting will be scheduled within the next 60 days. If social distancing requirements now
in place have sufficiently abated by then, the meeting will occur at the fire station in Sierra Los Pinos. If
those requirements remain, then the meeting will take place online via Zoom. In the meantime, members
should get prepared for the latter possibility so each may then be able to effectively engage in the process.
An anonymous online voting system is currently being developed with the website administrator.

A bright spot coming from these stay-at-home orders will be a change in the way effective communication
occurs between one another. It will mean a departure from correspondence sent via US Mail to having that
same mail sent electronically instead. This will become the primary method in which the Board will plan to
conduct future communication with members. Of course, notices and replies will remain available via “snail
mail,” should a member so choose. But those who want to have the speed and convenience of mail sent via electronic means will soon be asked to update their contact information to include a valid email address.

Paul S. Lisko, President
SLPPOA Board of Directors