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Special Meeting

Re: One Last Attempt to Get Enough Votes to Meet the Required Minimum Quorum of Two-Thirds

Dear Member:

This is a final appeal to ask for your vote on the ballot which outlines proposed amendments to the Bylaws which govern the Sierra Los Pinos Property Owners’ Association. A sample ballot is attached. This will be the third and final time that one rendition or another of this ballot has been presented to the membership. If you have disregarded it before, please do not again.

If you submitted a completed ballot from the last time it was mailed, three months ago, and you do not want to change your vote from that time, then the vote you made at that time will be counted this time around, after a special meeting being called for that purpose. This special meeting, as referenced in the heading of this letter, is being scheduled to occur on Saturday, August 8, 2020 from 2 to 4 PM.

“A vote of at least sixty (60) percent of the members eligible to vote” is required by Article XI of the SLPPOA Bylaws. To be eligible to vote, a member must be current with their dues. At this time, about thirty members are ineligible to vote. That leaves about 125 who are. For the last vote, conducted on June 13th, only 51 ballots were received. That’s about 40% of the membership eligible to vote. Bylaw amendments cannot be passed and enacted unless a minimum quorum has been met of at least two-thirds of Association members eligible to vote.

In order to make that happen this time around, the Board will make personal contact with each eligible member who has not yet voted on the proposed amendments. This contact will be made either through a phone call or an email sent to the address on file. Members will be asked to complete ballots and mail them in the return envelope provided, affixing their signature to the back. Ballots must be mailed in enough time to be received no later than the date of the special meeting, August 8th. Your SLPPOA Board works to conduct business that it believes to be in the best interests of the community. It cannot be fully successful in those endeavors without active participation of membership, offering advice and consent, like this vote.

Given the likelihood that social distancing requirements will still be in effect, the special meeting called for August 8th will take place online via Zoom. It will be a Q&A session. If you would like to participate in this Q&A, submit a request to and you will be sent an invitation. The meeting will conclude by 4 PM. After which, three volunteer non-Board members present at the Zoom meeting will be selected to process ballots and count votes at the SLP firehouse, given the required quorum has been met.


Paul S. Lisko, President
SLPPOA Board of Directors