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February 9, 2021

February 9, 2021 (Final)

1. CALL TO ORDER: @ 6:35 p.m.

2. ROLL CALL: (P - Present, E - Excused, A - Absent without notification)

President - Paul Lisko
Water Maintenance -
John Hines. Non-Voting.
Legal – Paul Rightley
Vice President – Keith Rigney
Water Compliance-John Hines. Non-Voting
Firewise - Ann Cooke
Secretary – Geraldine
Roads - Dave Stuedell
Architectural - Josh Toennis
Treasurer - Jeremy Oepping
Parks - Cindy Hines

GUEST(S): Suzanne Star by phone, Barbara VanRuyckevelt and Sara Matthews by phone. Harold Corn by phone.

Jeremy made the motion to accept the agenda. Cindy seconded the motion. All approved.

David made a motion to accept the minutes for the Regular Board Meeting of 2021. Paul R. seconded. All approved.


President – Paul Lisko reported:
• Complaint – January 13 an improper dumping of gravel regarding new construction of a house on Los Griegos. It was building material.
• Dump Gravel: A local contractor told them they could dump at the firehouse.
• Paul worked something out with them for the first dump in Dec; with their manager, Daniel.
• Another load was brought up and Daniel needed to contact Paul. He didn’t. Paul called him. Daniel didn’t know specifically what they were doing. Paul formalized it by sending an email.
• Paul: It shouldn’t be a recurring problem.
• Ann Cooke’s input: How those covenants are different.
• Paul: Thank you Ann for taking care of question from potential buyer re: Units 4-10 covenants.
• Paul: 6-week follow-up for 2 vacation rental properties. Paul sent out at the end of Dec. 2020.
• Input from Attorney: Sent our hard copy. On 2/4 Paul sent reminder notices. The property listed on Airbnb responded. The 2nd one, listed on VRBO, has not responded.
• Paul suggested they submit permit. Hopeful.
• Re-assign personal email address for SLPPOA business.
• Paul contacted our webmaster Any questions? No.

Vice President – Keith Rigney reported:
• Legal Counsel: No Report.
• Concerns- Not too much account progress with Unit 6 paper work.
◦ Paul is helping Scott Turner and VP.
◦ Annual Dues: Negated due to not maintaining High Road. Dont have to do. Signed in at the end of February and moving forward. Wants to buy 5 lots plus Tract A $4,500.00 for dues. If paid can maintain High Road. If not can’t do. Sells 1 lot pers. Has to pay annual assessment default.
• Paul: Topography? Maintaing the roads? We maintain the junction they will have their own well. Will pay for road maintainance & snow plowing. S.L.P. won’t do unless assessment is paid. 1 lot could be a trade off. Jemez Mountain Development LLC Meyers currently own it.
• Didn’t record any covenants until last month. Paid $905.78?
• Suspicious last minute payment: Get attorney involved for the best interest of the Association.
• Questions?
• Homeowners Act-2019

Secretary – Paul L. reported:

• Compliance with board members acknowledging requirements of NM Homeowners Act-2019

Treasurer: Jeremy Oepping reported: January 2021
• $191,818.12 in the SLPPOA Operating Account
• Reserve Account- $120,529.48
• 44 Delinquent accounts $38,703.88 Annual Assessments
• 10 are over 30 days past due $6,138.05
• $666.67 transferred to reserve
• Geraldine to send Welcome Packet to Ashley D’Anna, 110 Cerro Pelado Trail.
• Jeremy: Suzanne brought up 2015 annual review duties of Treasurer end of year Rev. & Rep. From Quick Books now with HOAMCO all Financials are posted following full audit dir. every 3 years. Did an additional audit in late 2020. Yearly update at the annual meeting. Monthly have a year end and posted to the website.
• Suzanne(phone): Can you hear me Jeremy? Question: Year to date annual financial audit by-Laws requirement? Statute change? If no objections for year- end review? Year end audit? What does the Board want to do with it?
• Jeremy: Geraldine and Cindy financials posted after Zoom meeting.
• HOAMCO: What a year end would look like?
• Jeremy’s Agenda: Develop a long-term plan elevation to upgrade our system. Accounts are at a level bank insures?
• Jeremy: We should be looking at investing.
• Preamble-start to dialogue to get people thinking. Money in account, pull $25,000 minimum. Take us over $200,000 at the end of November operating account underspent by about over $100.00. Residential Account $120,529.48.
• Think about putting some plans together.
• Paul: Have people start addressing.
- Ann: Restatement, I do have some plans to get some thinning, seedlings and larger stems.
- Paul: Thinning Project- Infrastructure water system and roads formulate plans to spend money.

6. Water Use:

- Paul: Support idea about water system. Dealing with water system, great investment.
- John: Replaced some lines with Harold on System I. What lines have been replaced?
- John: Getting $150,000.00from State.
- Paul: $150,000.00 matching funds?
- John: They’re supposed to get back within the next 5 days.
- Paul: Some stipulations- cannot replace more than 1000 ft of line a year.
- John: Still the case. Money can.

- Paul: How can we facilitate update of 50-year-old infrastructure if we’re only doing a 1000 ft/yr?
- John: Do it all at once talk about funding with the State of New Mexico.
- Paul: If we hire an engineer get a plan approved by the engineer.
- Suzanne: Engineer report from John Schrandt
- Paul: I sure would recommend that we do that.
- Suzanne: More funding.
- Paul: I will talk to you at length.


Water Maintenance – John Hines

Water System Maintenance:

February 2021 Water Maintenance-Meter Report for January 2021

Water System Maintenance:
• General – Two water delivery maintenance events to report for January 2021. A major water leak was discovered after reading the meters in January 2021 at an unoccupied residence at 1112 Los Griegos Road which caused a usage of 784,792 gallons being leaked in December and another 20,778 in January when discovered. The water was shut off at the meter and the homeowner was notified. Upon his inspection, he found that the ¾ inch main line feeding his house had broken under the house. The homeowner assured me the line would be repaired this spring before the water would be turned back on. The second event occurred at the Los Griegos Booster pump station. The backflow valve had failed due to wear and tear and allowed back pressure to flow back into the pump causing the overflow to open up and to dump water. Until I could get a replacement valve from Baker Supply ( it had to be ordered), I would check
• Weekly well and pump inspection
• Plowed and shoveled out well and pump houses
• Sent out leak flag letters…see below
• Contacted State for Water Rate survey
• Investigated Water rights and well locations with state Engineers Office
• Assisted customers in leak detection
• Attempted contact with Lee Taylor about info on Intel water tank with no success

Water System Misc:
• The State Engineer Totalizing Meter Report for our well readings has updated their well meter readings to be done on-line instead of via e-mail. The On-line submittal system still will not work for our well readings. I submitted them via email. In investigating why the State found some discrepancies in our well locations and they are working on it to get it straightened out.

Water Usage for December 2020: Meters were read Jan 4, 2021 by John Hines. Mark Stanley provided the setup and distributed the Readings and Usage reports:
• System 1
◦ Wells Pumped (644,875) gals, (578,103...last month's data...)
◦ Usage = 292,611(332,114) gals
◦ Daily Average Household Usage = 101.92 (125.8) gals/day
◦ Main Line Leakage Rate = 7.1 (5.7) gpm
◦ Leak Flags Identified = 10 (11)
◦ Users > 7,000 gals = 6 (6);
▪ 22,383 gals (leak flag);
▪ 16,361 gals (leak flag);
▪ 14,835 gals (no leak flag);
▪ 7,765 gals (leak flag);
▪ 7,402 gals ( no leak flag);
▪ 24,694 gals (no leak flag);
On system 1, 11 Leak Flag notifications were sent out. I heard back from five residents and they have either fixed the problem or will in the near future. Four were not notified due to address mix-up. I located one leak with the sonic device. Six are repeat leak flag s from November.

System 2
◦ Well Pumped 983,820(169,660) gals, (...last month's data...)
◦ Usage with leak = 972,611(158,789) gals
◦ Usage without leak=187,819 gals.
◦ Daily Average Household Usage with leak included = 460.5(82.7) gals
◦ Daily Average Household Usage without leak included=88.93
◦ Main Line Leakage Rate = 0.2 (0.3) gpm
◦ Leak Flags Identified = 7 (7)
◦ Users > 7,000 gals = 5 (2);
▪ 11,985 gals (NO leak flag);
▪ 11,364 gals (no leak flag;);
▪ 7,463 (leak flag)
▪ 784,792 (leak flag)
▪ 16,595 (leak flag

On System 2, 6 Leak Flag notifications were sent out in December. I heard back from 5 residents and they have either fixed the problem or will in the near future. 5 (five are repeat leak flags from November.
• Summary
◦ Five (5) users are above the 7,000 gal recommended usage threshold and all but two had leak flags.

◦ Compiled 01/07/2020 by John Hines

Water System Misc: - John Hines
- Water use needs Report: For System 1 and System 2

Compliance Report – John Hines

Water System Coliform/Microbiological Reports: John Hines

- Feb 2021 Water Compliance Report for Jan. 2020

Water System Coliform/Microbiological Reports:
• System 1 sample taken by Frank Naranjo, 01/11/2021, RT 005, 631 Aspen Grove
◦ Total Coliform - Absent
◦ Total E. Coli - Absent
◦ Disinfected, Residual 0.10 mg/l
• System 2 sample taken by Frank Naranjo, 01/11/2021, RT 001, 7 Mesa Verde Road
◦ Total Coliform - Absent
◦ Total E. Coli - Absent
◦ Disinfected, Residual 0.08 mg/l

Compiled 02/02/2021 by John Hines

Roads – David Stuedell Reported:

• Signage increase amount aggre broken up asphalt course for our roads.

Legal – Paul Rightley: Nothing to report.

Firewise – Ann: Nothing specific to report.

• Making great progress in Area 3. Closer to that ends my report.

Architectural –Josh Toennis reported:
• John: Josh asked whether we should have a set of guidelines?
• Architectural review committee -photographs aesthetically pleasing.
• Paul: Homage- terms of me aesthetic emphasis is on soundness. A list of suggestions, sound instruction.
• Paul: Josh are you present?
• John: Did not receive any request for this month.
• Ann: Architect email was asking for forgiveness for horses at Unit 4 thru 10. Forgiveness-proper response. Contact Architect to see if they will to do that.
• Paul: Very good response we will cross that bridge.

Parks – Cindy Hines reported: Just a couple of things.
• Seedlings @ Black Bear Park.
• Clearing bigger things? Have a crew come in. We should be able to do that soon respecting the weather.
• Meeting up on a weekend.
• Ann: Know where it is removing 3-ft. high seedling? Give me a call.
• Cindy: Open space regarding wind event. Maybe when we can meet, we can look at that?
• Parks and Firewise.
• Firewood? Any liability issues?
• Ann: Talk about ease of access. What might it do to the land? Talk about it all. Bring to the next meeting.
• Paul: Sounds like a great plan.
• Cindy: Sign made for the Black Bear. Fire station park name? Black Bear was voting in.
• Jeremy:
• David: Nice to set up a small park for parties, billboard screen, outdoor movies, cookout, a nice park trees, maybe some grass.
• Paul: Disagree with trees. Agree with nice park. Telescope area for nighttime star-party viewing.
• David: Bushes, not scraggly grass. A pig roaster.
• Paul R.: Maybe that should be part of the annual meeting.
• Paul: Funds. A nice park.

8. OLD BUSINESS: Paul: Business.

• Paul: David, Verizon?
• David: Verizon email. These are the right people. Dave can forward to Paul.
• Paul: Thanks for persistance.
• Paul: Any update on the LA network?
• David: I have. The weather impeded movement but seems like its moving forward.
• Keith: LANet set five houses up to date. Four people on the system. Line of site houses, leaving cards, Starlink $100.00 deposit mid to late this year. LA Net prominant early course.
• LA Net $99.00 deposit rated 100gb per second local? Bread & Butter.
• David: Where is the line of sight houses?
• Keith: Line of sight is in front of the subdivision.
• Harold: Hi there! LA Net installed at my house yesterday. SW direction from my house 30 mgb download, 60mgb upload. Mon.-Wed, to do deinstallations repeater extra bck order. We’re fairly happy at the moment. They have some bugs.
• Installation Fee: 20 mgb plan $79.95. 50mgb plan and 100ngb are pricier than in town. But we’re special.
• Harold: Water system: remote monitoring, more remote monitoring. We might be able to connect at the Fire Barn.
• Paul: Great suggestion Harold. Thank you!


• Paul: Support letter initiative to signify natural resources potential for shutting down leaky septic systems
• Water designation: Limits sources of pollution, improves water quality.
• Baseline: What are water quality conditions?
• Paul: Concern with any septic system ¼ mile from Vallecitos. Septic systems leaking into the drainage. Avoid potential development of a resort in Bootzin’s meadow?
• Water quality established at East Fork. Get approval to send this letter in. Any objections?
• Paul: David, any objections?
• David: No. I’ll trust you. What was my objection before?
• Paul: Leaking septic system once the baseline is set any effect on future ground contaminants. Designation East Fork outstanding resource.
• Paul: Thanks then.
• Paul: Wild Fire escape route in Los Griegos. Fire Department: Tamara W., Scott A., David Stuedell and Jeremy Oepping.
• David: Beneficial for that meeting.
• Jeremy: We walked the site in the area probably not a viable option. Good to see what we were talking about.
• David: Concur with Jeremy on that escape route. High Road potential escape route. Draw up a map. Get with Bootzin. Formalize something . Would the Board be willing to put up a gate at Forest Rd. And Bootzin? Ideal situation.
• Paul: Bootzin has always been against it.
• The Forest Service -Envronmental Protection Act to sign. Enronmental Project baffles and improvements. NEPA research makes much more sense with approval to open a new road? Should be tied in with another project. Good Neighbor Authority will open an old road for an alternate escape route. State organization recognized as a good neighbor authority. State Forestry Division- Clay Benton-Good Neighbor Authority is in effect funding to opening the road.
• Clay: Pool of funding drive? NEPA Process. Fed. Lands NEPA. New road -long time frame.Little tricks.Logging operation-Jemez Pueblo. Allows to put roads where we want. Thinning less NEPA. Private side? State antidonations clause.
• Clay: Management Plan for subdivision 155 residences total acreage-400 acres. 440 square miles according to the engineer.
• Water tanks Ann? Expand dominant water holding capabilities. Placed original tanks on the worst dead center into the easment. Forest Service property.
• Clay: Tough question.
• Ann: Hypothetical.
• Clay: Probably not an indiviual subdivisiion.
• Ann: Not so much funding. The tanks Good Neighbor but help us negotiate.
• Clay: Possible to be brought up easement access.
• Clay Concern. It may have to go up to congress not sure.
• Paul: Given that NEPA access is going to be approved, expect for opening the road for alternate escape route.
• Clay: We can work pretty fast. Proposal right up something cleared-up by the end of the year.
• Paul: A dozer for the road work. Logging-Connelly? NEPA Funds allocated?
• Clay: RFPs- Forest Service verifies thorough surveys.
• Paul: Develop a management plan for S.L.P.
• Clay: Bob Hagkis-subdivision nice tool to fall back on water, soil, forest, cilmate. Individual land owners-open up.water tanks, easments management done big thing.
• Paul: Any questions for Clay?
• Paul: Ultimate escape route beneficial.
• Jeremy: Persue this a good idea making road passable need to be open at certain times of the year. Through traffic community.
• Paul: Worse Scenario-access on a road. Gated activity necessary to open at certain time of year. See forest service.
• Ann: Bad idea to make bad decison access. Go for it if the forest service will open it up.
• Paul: Terminology- escape route terms Forest service was interested. Ok we’re opening that road to serve as an evacuation route Any concerns? Get hold of you, Clay.


-Covered with previous discussion on evacuation route

11. NEXT MEETING: Tuesday March 9, 2021 at 1830 Hrs. (6:30 pm)

12. ADJOURN: Paul R. made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:44 p.m. Cindy seconded the motion. All approved.


Submitted by: Geraldine Burnworth