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March 19, 2021

March 9, 2021 (Draft1)

1. CALL TO ORDER: @ 6:35 p.m.

2. ROLL CALL: (P - Present, E - Excused, A - Absent without notification)

President - Paul Lisko
Water Maintenance -
John Hines. Non-Voting.
Legal – Paul Rightley
Vice President – Keith Rigney
Water Compliance-John Hines. Non-Voting
Firewise - Ann Cooke
Secretary – Geraldine
Roads - Dave Stuedell
Architectural - Josh Toennis
Treasurer - Jeremy Oepping
Parks - Cindy Hines

GUEST(S): Suzanne Star by phone, Paul & Nancy (7 Springs Audio Issues), Tom & Sharon Bennion, and Tom Pappas (7 Springs), Harold Corn, Jan Gibson, Pat & Harry Jones (Thompson Ridge), Tom Swetnam

Jeremy Oepping made the motion to accept the agenda. Geraldine Burnworth seconded the motion. All approved.

Paul Rightley made a motion to accept the minutes for the Regular Board Meeting of 2021. Dave Stuedell seconded. All approved.


President – Paul Lisko reported:
• Current webmaster requested SLPPOA find a replacement closer to home.
• Annual report identifying current board members submitted to NM Sec’y of State’s Office.
• Points of contact for SLPPOA water line locator services updated with NM 811.
• VRP permits received for Airbnb at 560 Hovenweep Loop and VRBO at 1416 Los Griegos.

Vice President – Keith Rigney reported:
• Legal Counsel: No Report.
• Concerns-

Secretary – Geraldine Burnworth reported:

Treasurer: Jeremy Oepping reported as of February 28, 2021
• $201,970.17 in the Operating Account
• $121,210.03 in the Reserve Account
• 29 delinquent accounts totaling $29,769.60
• (Reduction of 15 accounts and $8,934.28 from last month.)
• February amount of $666.67 transferred to Reserve Account
• No change in property ownership in February
• Annual Use
• December 31 Financials
• December packet from HOAMCO
• Reimbursement request for $46.64. Motion Ann Cooke, Second Paul Rightley.

6. Hot Topics:
-Jeremy: Lots have not paid dues. Dug into the archives early indication-don’t remember the lots being a part of S.L.P. Note: Lots are not part of S.L.P. there are documents of prior owners.
- Attorney Scott Turner wants to know: Does anyone know for writing about Unit 6?
-Ann: Doubt if S.L.P.P.O.A. have any written documents. Bootzin sold lots outside of the association. Between development and those buyers. Never discussed with S.L.P.P.O.A. Never been charged association dues. May have in 1st 15 years. Floating idea-Re-access to association roads may have paid. No evidence that we provided anything.
Ann: I have only hearsay part of sweetness of the deal.
Suzanne: Asked Ann: Unit 6 plotted as a S.L.P.P.O.A Unit that Bootzin pulled out of plotted map?
Ann: I don’t know rule regulations and requirements. He subdivided Units 1,2,3 in 80’s subdivision. Proceeded to sell lots. Did release 4-10 to the association in the late 80’s. Ann came onto the Board in 95.
Jeremy: Very helpful. Need something in writing and recorded in with the county.
David: Different concern. Road S.L.P.P.O.A. Road being closed off to S.L.P.P.O.A. residence. Do S.L.P.P.O.A. people have ability to navigate road?
Paul: Draft road maintenance agreement. Draft agreement pending submission. Some improvements may be made on that road. It will still remain open by using High Road but remain in unimproved state that it is in. Wanted to build another road Tract A-lot 5 not going to happen. We are taking care of that going forward.
Paul: Harold?
Harold: I sent Paul a few things that I found out about the ownership. The lots will still be and were plotted as part of subdivision. Outside the association? The property owners’ subdivision platted Millers location not part of property owners’ association complex.
Jeremy: Make sure we can direct them in our best interest.
Paul: 1 of 3 choices to be discussed at a Board meeting. Lower fees, not maintaining High Road, will keep abreast of this.
Paul: Standing Committee Report. John Hines


Water Maintenance – John Hines

Water System Maintenance:
• General – No water delivery issues. Los Griegos batteries were replaced.

Water System Misc:
• System 1- Water 6.5 gallons unchanged from last month. Leak flags and contacted.

System 2-Dropped no leakage. 11 leak flags. 11,000 gallons

Water System Misc: - John Hines
- Water use needs Report: For System 1 and System 2

Compliance Report – John Hines
• Paul: Water rights?
• John: Still working on it met with John Schrandt.
• Water rate study.
• John: Water rate study: Proposal -set our rating, work done, maintaining our budget, water study.
• David: Spending $4500.
• Paul: Coming up later.
• Paul: Any comments on water rates study?
• Wilson& Co. Engineers. Taylor Ashton-drainage study. Preliminary engineer report. Civil engineer groups to call Wilson & Company. Ashton to come up here to look at areas to talk about. Schrandt 35-45 days.

Water System Coliform/Microbiological Reports: John Hines

Roads – David Stuedell Reported:

• Not a lot to report.
• Dave Raue’s truck has been fixed.
• David: Is Dave willing to do it again next year.
• Proposal something of value. Cost $4500 including engineer study? To be addressed.
• Paul: Engineering for the roadway and drainage.
• David: Misunderstanding on Shannon’s Way-Culvert across the main road. Sediment runoff.
• Paul: Thank you David covers roads. Any questions or comments? Proposal comments?

Legal – Paul Rightley:

• Covenants, dwellings shall be of sound construction. Should we be checking and inspecting?
• Attorney- provision and sim. Are not unusual. Not liable for sound construction. Community with owners made clear not to warrant decisions of improvement.
• Covenants for Unit 3 number 7: Architectural control policy made only if we accept it. We do not warrant structural soundness. Draft revised form.
• Paul: Send draft form to every board member for approval.

Firewise – Ann Cooke
• Paul: Tom Swetnam can you hear me?
• Paul: Ann do you want to introduce him?
• Ann: sure. Tyson is Tom Swetnam’s son. Tom lives in Area 3 along State Highway 4. Has property in this corridor. Forest thickness density light detection and ranging. How it relates to the national forest. Is Tyson available? Tyson is a professor at U. of A.
• Tyson: Leverage existing light density 10 to 12 points per meter. With software can count those seeable trees.
• Drones- Higher frequency make a model. Fly over house and neighborhood. Light- R Data. National Production Data hosting map. Public data sets evaluation of structures. Map loads over S.L.P. Has burn scars in view. Have not done house calculations yet. Area 3 with drones. Black circles – fire wise buffers. Buffers distances 30, 60 & within 100 ft. Tree density can evaluate with available technical thinning crews. Repeat these
• Tyson: More information and feedback. Firewise is a recommendation system.
• Suzanne: Website? A gif. Paul can send it.
• Paul: Arial Surveys.
• Tyson: Drone pilots. Buying FAA airspace. Public airspace. Neighborhoods passed. License to fly drones commercially.
• Paul: How do you convince somebody: invasion of privacy, research sights, strict regulations, gray areas for drone flight accomplishments?
• Harry Jones: How to request such services and costs?
• Tyson: Drone Operators: Commercial Drone Operators, mapping property of drones, flying the fields on website, contract set-up and putting together a new proposal.
• Harry:
• Tyson: Can do survey and can help to do the analysis. Can get hub page, report analysis, contact information to get in touch, also the recording from Paul.

Architectural –Josh Toennis reported:
• Josh: Last Month people asked but had no formal requests. Guidelines were added for covenants and restrictions. Cannot enforce them legally. It’s the guidelines vs. the interpretation of Architectural committee. There are building styles, images. Styles, roofs, settings, concerning outside appearance of the house. Document.
• Paul: Paul R. will you be working with Josh? Document referencing.
• Paul R.: Not guarantee structural soundings. Only access impact.
• Josh: Aesthetics.
• Paul: Something hammered out.
• Josh: Get Started.
• Paul: Sounds good.
• Paul: Any comments?

Parks – Cindy Hines reported:.
• Cindy: Nothing new on parks.1) Road ID signs, 2) Forget about list to be starting, 3) Get an estimate on costs, 4) Newsletter next week via email, Questions?
• Ann: Remember to give me a call when you want to walk property lines.
• Cindy: Yes. I want to do that. So, we can get an idea of clearing.


• Paul: LA-NET Equipment Delays.
• David: LA-NET cannot do people who are not in line of sight. Does Harold have any information?
• Harold: 60 degree beams from point on Cat Mesa. 90% beam which will cover our area. Waiting for some equipment at his time.
• David: How is the service working for you?
• Harold: Service is good. Speed is better than expected.
• David: Thank you Harold. Waiting on equipment.
• Harold: Getting all three providers. T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon. Put up a tower if we can afford it. Invite everbody to the party.
• David: Unit 6.
• Paul drafted up letter in support of ONWR designation for East Fork of the Jemez River.


• Paul: John Hines introduces Allan Saenz, LA Net CEO.
• Paul: Runaway freeze up, water system, arranging a meeting will allow surveying sights of interest. 8000 gallons of water.
• Allan: Two can be connected to centralized system. 900 megahertz allows a lot of penetration. Can install censors. Can monitor and smart meters. Dash board enabled to collect all information. 900 megahertz. Multiple repeaters. Links:
• Allan: Cost effective with wireless.
• Allan shares screen: Sensors, Low voltage battery can last for years and can be installed in the houses. Need a gateway and multiple options. Server, gateway collected information from WAP LR9KIT. Able to collect the data on Sierra Los Pinos Antenna Kit. So many options for transmitters.
• Allan: Cost projections. Multiple options with gateway $169.00. Antenna $49.00 for one gateway. Smart meters $100-$300.00.
• Paul: Radio mast near Firehouse to transmit.
• Allan: We can put it in a repeater.
• Harold: Anyway we can collect the pulses? Orion CE.
• Allan: On top metere collects the information. Sends email alerts $200.00.
• Harold: Badger meter system.
• Allan: Smart meters. We can start with tanks.
• Harold: Send us the information LA-NET.
• Allan: Is going pretty well. Bandwith in S.L.P. Everything is working really good so far. 15 houses connected awaiting non-line of sights. Out of stock because of covid. Will be able to connect more houses.
• Harold: I agree. Thank you Allan.
• Allan: Sure. Link Ski Hill to S.L.P.
• Paul: Thank you. Any questions with Allen for LA-Net?
• David: Could you explain how the non-line of sight works? How does that work?
• Allan: Technology 3.6 gigahertz. 5 gigahertz needs to have complete line of sight.
• David: Have you booked at the property in Unit 6.
• Allan: For Sale?
• David: Why up high?
• Allan: Option: Conitnue conversation.
• David: Us or you buy the property and install the tower.
• Allan: Price asking for properties?
• Allan: Install the tower? Who can I talk to?
• Paul: I will pass that information on to you.
• Allan: Solar?
• Suzanne: Allan, I have a question. The more people that you have on the system, will that affect the type of service?
• Allan: More clients more bandwith and it will be affected. Upgrade the link. Capacity currently will last a longtime. Will do the necessary upgrade of the main link.
• Paul: Thank you very much Allan. Set-up pilot programs for water monitoring. We will get back in touch with you.

- John: Size tank are available?
- Paul: Fire Marshall.
- John: Lee Taylor.
- Paul: Thanks for update.
- Wildfire evacuation: Keep the State Forestry – Good Neighbor Authority on our radar. Nepa Clearance- heavy equipment. Thining projects.

11. NEXT MEETING: April 13, 2021 at 2200 Hrs. (pm)

12. ADJOURN: David Steudell made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:46 p.m. Paul R. seconded the motion. All approved.


Submitted by: Geraldine Burnworth