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April 13, 2021

April 13, 2021 (Final)

1. CALL TO ORDER: @ 6:32 p.m.

2. ROLL CALL: (P - Present, E - Excused, A - Absent without notification)

President - Paul Lisko
Water Maintenance -
John Hines. Non-Voting.
Legal – Paul Rightley
Vice President – Keith Rigney
Water Compliance-John Hines. Non-Voting
Firewise - Ann Cooke
Secretary – Geraldine
Roads - Dave Stuedell
Architectural - Josh Toennis
Treasurer - Jeremy Oepping
Parks - Cindy Hines

GUEST(S): Suzanne Star, Harold Corn, Marsha Gaillour

Keith Rigney made the motion to accept the agenda. Jeremy Oepping seconded the motion. All approved.

Minutes from the Officers’ Meeting of March 5th were presented. These minutes could only be approved by the Officers in attendance. Motion to accept by Jeremy. Seconded by Paul L. Minutes approved.

Minutes from Regular Board Meeting of March 9th were not offered for approval as suggested revisions had not been included. Approval postponed until next meeting so accurate transcription may be made.


President – Paul Lisko reported:
• Clipped the 20-minute section of Tyson Swetnam’s presentation from the last board meeting recorded on Zoom. Seeking their tech help. Clip will then be sent to everyone who requested it.
• V.R.P.: Emailed notices to neighboring properties on Los Griegos and Hovenweep Loop
• Forwarded complaint of loud noise 560 Hovenweep on 4/3/21. Property manager said there was a wedding. Yelled at Paul with over-the-top reaction. Personally, Paul experienced the noise, sounding like a military helicopter hovering overhead, where he lives a mile away from the VRP.
• Loud music was reported as having rattled windows (email.) Manager questioned if county has a noise ordinance? They do not. State of NM has a Statute # 30-20-1 for Disorderly Conduct.
• Take into account of peaceful enjoyment of property commemorating Easter religious holiday. Be mindful that VRP did not want possible revocation of permit. Board will have to deal with it.
• Jeremy thanked Paul for the effort since he could hear the bass while going up FR-10. It was pretty loud. Question: how many decibels is it? Noisy is noisy. If there is a next time, Paul will make a recording to provide as evidence in his report to the Board.

• Paul said the Forest Road 10 Firehouse into the woods, large pull-out. People were camped? Was it our territory? Paul said he supposes it’s probably US Forest Service’s with no camping.
• Paul said he will call them up and ask about that property.

Vice President – Keith Rigney reported:
• Keith said slow progress. Reading them right now as we speak.
• Paul said approval for whether or not, we want to approve what attorney has. Jeremy can talk about it.
• Jeremy said he did check with a few past Board members. Nothing unwritten. I will vote for a title search. Paul L. made the motion to have the attorney do the title search. Geraldine B. seconded the motion.
• Keith said to tell attorney we approve that what Ron Brown emailed is the request for dollars that HOA wants to know for the buyers up front. Cleared of leins by end of month. That’s his guess. Paul said wait till we get the complete title search form the attorney. Keith go ahead and get a hold of the attorney by end of month. Keith said I’ll do that right after.

Secretary – Geraldine Burnworth reported:

• Nothing to Report.

Treasurer: Jeremy Oepping reported on April 10, 2021:
• 1. The balance in accounts as of March 31, 2021 is as follows:
• Operating Account: $203,450.93
• Reserve Account: $121,892.17

• 2. As of March 31, we have 19 delinquent accounts totaling $20791.68. (reduction of 10 accounts and $8,977.92 from last month)

• 3. The March amount of $666.67 was transferred to Reserves during the month.

• 4. There were no changes in property ownership in March.

6. Hot Topics:

- Talk with those of the purchase of the five lots at the top of Unit 6. Liens are lifted. Declaration with restrictions and covenants. Pursue it? Keith’s presentation. Consensus with the Board. Some think it would be a good deal. There are Pros- Biden Administration through Congress, Capital outlay bill, fire prevention, and establish broadband. Good idea to pursue property. We need to determine there are Cons- Maintain that road to get up there. Rent space to Verizon of L.A. Net Association coffers. A lease. A Drawback- Online services are accelerating at a fast rate. Maybe a loan that would have to take 10 years to pay off. Maybe stuck. Paul asked if we would we like to open the floor for opinions one wall or the other. Dave said that the cost outlay lots at $65,000.00 each will only have like $200,000.00 in bank roll. Is it worth it? Paul said that SLP doesn’t have to put down all that money. Washington D.C. – a lot of money available. 10% $20,000.00. Secure a 10-20-year loan. Paul sees no point in trying to break the bank. Ann said that the revenue ends up having to pay taxes. Personal opinion. Treasurers. Cindy said that too many what ifs and no research. She said pay loans. If all fell into place, revisit. Hesitate us as a group being in the business of owning. Keith said HOA shouldn’t be getting into property base. To make area better money in bank-water, roads, internet. Equipment for internet for those not in line of sight. Cover things that are currently on issue. No on buying this property for HOA. Josh agrees with everyone else on not purchasing. Not a good investment. Jeremy said he is open to the idea. Get some of those loose ends tied up. Paul said that most Board members are against it. He said to get the title search done. Then see residential building, and not commercial. If anything changes regarding the title search, we’re not going to pursue this. David asked what we are hoping to accomplish with the title search. Paul said Restrictions were declared for those lots in that Unit. Will help us determine whether the property is not part of S.L.P. If restrictions and covenants are in place-back to square one. 5 lots have to be accessed an annual fee with water deducted from total. Part of SLPPOA or not? Nothing conclusive or definitive. A Title Search will accomplish that. Get Lawyers Title Search perspective. Paul said that Declaration-contingency plans is what it is about.



Water Maintenance – John Hines

Water System Maintenance: April 2021 Water Maintenance-Meter Report for March 2021

Water System Maintenance:
• General – There was one issue with the wells. The Forest Rd 10 (Meadow) well had a wire burn up in the controls. I replaced the wire and the well began working again.
• Plowed and shoveled out well and pump houses, Weekly well and pump inspection
• Sent out leak flag letters…see below
• Assisted customers in leak detection
• Met with Engineering Firms Sierra Engineering Solutions, LLC and NV5 to discuss the RFP for engineering services for the water system and roads. Took them on tours of the system.
• Met with Mike Montoya from the State of New Mexico Environment Department to do well water tests.
• Met with Scott Christenson, the Hydrological Field Technician from the NM Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources to do well testing of the water depths of the wells. The Aspen Grove and Meadow Wells were tested.

Water Usage for March 2021: Meters were read April 2, 2021 by John Hines. Harold Corn provided the setup and distributed the Readings and Usage reports:
• System 1
◦ Wells Pumped (337,750 gals, (519,999...last month's data...)
◦ Usage 226,490gals (256,030)
◦ Daily Average Household Usage =84.8 gals (103.90) gals/day
◦ Main Line Leakage Rate = undetermined (6.5) gpm
◦ Leak Flags Identified =6 (11) all contacted and repeat
◦ Users > 7,000 gals = 5 (6);
▪ 9,221 gals (no leak flag);
▪ 10,859 gals (leak flag);
▪ 14,516 gals (leak flag);
▪ 18,821 gals (leak flag)
▪ 9,835 gals (leak flag)
Of the six (6) leak flags this month, all are repeat leak flags from March.

System 2
◦ Well Pumped 179,640 gals, (152,560...last month's data...)
◦ Usage = 173,496 gals (151,752) gals
◦ Daily Average Household Usage =93.2 (84.6)
◦ Main Line Leakage Rate = undetermined
◦ Leak Flags Identified =6 (11)
◦ Users > 7,000 gals = 5 (3);
▪ 9,321 ( leak flag);
▪ 18,428 gals ( leak flag;);
▪ 10,005 (no leak flag)
▪ 8,233 (leak flag)

On System 2, of the 6 (six) leak flags all were repeat leak flags from February.

◦ Compiled 04/07/2021 by John Hines

Water System Maintenance:
• General – LA Net.- Badger meters viable on internet
• Issues: Wire burn up.

Water System Misc:

• System 1- System 1&2 are in compliance with chlorine rates. Where they need to be.

System 2- Replaced the wire. Overflow on Aspen Grove well repaired. System pumped.
Leakage: 6.5 – 8.5 range. 5 users – 7000 gallons in contact. System 2 – 6 leak flags. John has been in contact with leak flags. Previous leak flags have been contacted for repair. Testing water wells. Our aquifers are up. Reset perimeters. Contact John for depth of water wells. Water well testing turned out ok. RFP water rate study designing and systems replace water lines hydrants. Verizon does not carry LTE, will it work? If not maybe LANet. We need perimeters from the Board for LTE monitor LevelCon and tape measuring will be needed. Cindy asked for the price. John said that they will monitor us for free but doesn’t know if the system doesn’t work. Paul asked if its LevelCon. Paul entertained a motion. Keith motioned and Jeremy seconded the motion. Keith and Jeremy thanked John. John said that much of the credit goes to Harold. Jeremy thanked Harold. Dave said that there was a water leak on his property, and asked if there is a plumber who can check and make sure of no more leaks. John said he would be there that Dave just let him know when to be there. Paul will send plumbers names to David. Paul asked if the rate analysis was seen. This is a second request for a proposal. To compare and contrast to go with one of the proposals including rates and improvements. Paul thanked John. Dave asked about the water system having a pipe replacement for system 1. Paul asked about water system improvements and Suzanne and Harold if they had any input on water to let us know about it. Jeremy asked who would provide the services for billing. Regarding the monthly rate. He said we would have to hire someone to do the billings. Paul said that Wilson and Company is set up for billing. A billing system set-up can plug into whatever they have in place. Need to please take a look at it to discuss it with Wilson and Company. David asked if we are thinking of doing 1000 feet of line this year. Paul asked if John had any input. John said it’s what the engineer says. Paul said to take their lead. Money is available for infrastructure, and they will help secure grants for us. For building for the future, a more modern system that is up to spec. Paul says that a proposal for the water system will include drainage, the preliminary report from Wilson and Company next May, drainage property. Paul suggested that David take a look. David referred to the one that was sent today. Paul reminded David to take a look when he got a chance. For the next meeting we can compare all 3 RFPs.

Water System Misc: - John Hines
- Water use needs Report: For System 1 and System 2

Compliance Report – John Hines
April-2021 Water Compliance Report

Water System Coliform/Microbiological Reports:
• System 1 sample taken by Frank Naranjo, 03/27/2021, RT 003, 136 Mimbres Way
◦ Total Coliform - Absent
◦ Total E. Coli - Absent
◦ Disinfected, Residual 0.06 mg/l
• System 2 sample taken by Frank Naranjo, 03/27/2021, RT 007, 1514 Los Griegos Road
◦ Total Coliform - Absent
◦ Total E. Coli - Absent
◦ Disinfected, Residual 0.09 mg/l

Compiled 04/06/2021 by John Hines

Roads – David Stuedell Reported:

• Dave said that we didn’t do roads. Yearly road grading. Jeremy stated, we’ll tear it up for new water lines. Dave said, monsoons. Dave said the roads are in pretty good shape off to the length of Los Griegos. Paul said, we waited until wet weather came in July. Let’s wait until July or until rains are gone. Do it in August. Wait until the August system. Dave said to put off road grading until August. Dave said to bid on plowing for June, and for the signage to be identified. He asked Cindy if they were able were to find more locations. Cindy said, No. As far as signs? Sign contractor will have to get the signs. Maybe in June? Paul asked about the Newsletter and its being sent out on list-serve. Cindy disagrees with doing that, and said that the list will come back to the Board. Cindy said the Stop signs and Yield sign’s identity is what we need. Cindy is finishing this Friday to I.D. all locations. No camping signs. There is a big list. Including everything that is possible. Dave asked if Cindy has the spreadsheet. Cindy said, no. Dave will send it. Dave asked if we wanted to make decisions. Paul stated that we will be making decisions

Legal – Paul Rightley:

• Paul said that Paul Rightley has nothing to report. Paul R. is going to get the draft to the attorney and get it to the next meeting.

Firewise – Ann: Nothing specific to report.
• Ann said that Cat Mesa is burning. Depending on weather. She also reminded of the Firewise Emergency Planning Day meeting to protect property, trees and home. Mentioned the newsletter. Ann had recommendations to share also: pile burning, mitigate unplanned spreading, permits and keep a list of things to do. She also stated that when Sandoval County shuts down the burning that it is not the time to start burning. June maybe July. There is no direct word, but is a great thing to work toward.

Architectural –Josh Toennis reported:
• Josh said there was one request for improvements on a deck and sidewalk. He will email to the Architectural Committee. He said he would have a rough draft for the next meeting. John said that he took pictures. John will email them. Josh said that a resident reached out to locate water line. John did that yesterday. Josh asked John to send the pictures of houses development.

Parks – Cindy Hines reported:.
• Paul asked about the Newsletter. Cindy had nothing new. They are checking out equipment. Cindy said that Bandstands sound like a cool idea. Cindy said she has to identify a spot, and get dimensions, seating, and a Pig Roaster. Cindy said that for the summer newsletter to send her an email. It should be ready by the end of June maybe July. Offered to create documents into fillable pdfs to send out to everyone and to post it on the website. There is a $25.00 fee. Cindy told Josh that she would do one for architectural. Josh said to hold off and not to worry about working on that. Cindy also mentioned doing other documents that we all need. Ann said the 20th was the time to walk to the park. They will meet @ 10:30 am on Friday.

8. OLD BUSINESS: Paul: Business.

• Paul mentioned an Email from Verizon.David said they tweaked the system not planning to do one in a few years. He said that they have to schedule out and to plan these towers. He said it was fairly questionable and asked if there were any other ideas.


• Allan Saenz, CEO of LANet is interested in purchasing those lots in Unit 6 but not if the SLP Restrictive Covenants limit construction for residential purposes.

- Paul asked John Hines about acquiring large water tanks from Intel for fire suppression in SLP.

Paul said that Brian Riley, the Jemez District Ranger, will be sending staff to scope out the Alternate Evacuation Route project in order to open FR 4AM for administrative use. Jeremy and David attended the meeting the last time.We’ll let you know which dates are available. The State Forestry is going to do the work on the road. David mentioned the talk about clearing area around our boundaries. Paul said that thinning projects would do well with Good Neigbhor Authority support. Cindy asked what administrative use means. Paul said use limited to S.L.P., US Forest Service, and the Cattlemen’s Assoc. of Santa Domingo Pueblo. It would not be open to the public. Cindy said thank you, confirmed.

11. NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, May 11, 2021 at 1830 Hrs. (6:30 pm)

12. ADJOURN: David Steudell made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:05 p.m. Cindy Hines seconded the motion. All approved.


Submitted by: Geraldine Burnworth

Revised and resubmitted by Paul Lisko, May 11, 2021.