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May 11, 2021

May 11, 2021 (Final Draft)

1. CALL TO ORDER: @ 6:34 p.m.

2. ROLL CALL: (P - Present, E - Excused, A - Absent without notification)

President - Paul Lisko
Water Maintenance -
John Hines. Non-Voting.
Legal – Paul Rightley
Vice President – Keith Rigney
Water Compliance-John Hines. Non-Voting
Firewise - Ann Cooke
Secretary – Geraldine
Roads - Dave Stuedell
Architectural - Josh Toennis
Treasurer - Jeremy Oepping
Parks - Cindy Hines

GUEST(S): Suzanne Star and Harold Corn.

Paul Rightley made the motion to accept the agenda. David Steudell seconded the motion. All approved.

4. APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES: Approval of 3/9/21 postponed Board Meeting Minutes. Paul Rightly made the motion to approve the Minutes, and David Stuedell seconded the motion. All approved.

April 13, 2021 Board Meeting Minutes Approval. Cindy Hines made the motion to approve the Minutes, and Josh Toennis seconded the motion. All approved.


President – Paul Lisko reported:
• A rental became a vocal point. They would make sure to have neighbors look at it. Neighbors are approved. Can leave all that.
• Paul said that Keith is not here, so we will skip his report for later.

Vice President – Keith Rigney reported:
• Lots on Unit 6 are proceeding forward for us. Keith said he has not heard anyhting. Keith asked if he should contact the individual. Paul said it wasn’t necessary to contact him should hold of for now.

Secretary – Geraldine Burnworth reported:

• Geraldine would like to contact the local Universal Waste Systems of New Mexico to try and arrange for a dumpster to be placed at a Board approved safe location in the community. To be provided for our community for better waste management.
• Pet maintenance to promote safety and welfare of the residents of our community.

Treasurer: Jeremy Oepping reported: May 11, 2021

1. The balance in accounts as of April 30, 2021 is as follows:
Operating Account: $198,222.68
Reserve Account: $122,573.89

2. As of April 30, we have 11 delinquent accounts totaling $13,771.89. (reduction of 8 accounts and $7,019.79 from last month)

3. The April amount of $666.67 was transferred to Reserves during the month.

4. There were no changes in property ownership in April.
We welcome:

6. Hot Topics:


Water Maintenance – John Hines:

April 2021 Water Maintenance-Meter Report for March 2021

Water System Maintenance:
• General – There was one issue. The Levelcon tank level monitors quit working and after replacing batteries and troubleshooting, it was found that Verizon quit supporting 3G, which the transmitters operated at. Levelcon support was contacted and we may be able to use LTE transmitters.
• Weekly well and pump inspection
• Sent out leak flag letters…see below
• Assisted 5 customers in leak detection and repair.
• Met with Lee Taylor on obtaining the water tank from Intel and location of the tank behind the Fire Station.
• Received the well sample reports from the State of New Mexico Environment Department on heavy metals and VOC’s.
• Received report from Scott Christenson, the Hydrological Field Technician from the NM Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources on the well testing of the water depths of the wells. The Aspen Grove and Meadow Wells were tested and found that our well water levels have actually increased opposed to most of the rest of the state where water aquifers are receding.

Water Usage for April 2021: Meters were read May 1, 2021 by John Hines. Mark Stanley provided the setup and distributed the Readings and Usage reports:
• System 1
◦ Wells Pumped (583,442 gals, (337,750...last month's data...)
◦ Usage 243,061 gals (226,490 gals.)
◦ Daily Average Household Usage =96 gals (84.8) gals/day
◦ Main Line Leakage Rate =8.2 gpm (8.5) gpm
◦ Leak Flags Identified =6 (6) all contacted and repeat
◦ Users > 7,000 gals = 6 (5);
▪ 14,926 gals ( leak flag);
▪ 8,259 gals (leak flag);
▪ 14,061 gals (no leak flag);
▪ 19,103 gals (no leak flag)
▪ 24,517 gals (leak flag) being repaired
▪ 12,611 gals (leak flag)
Of the six (6) leak flags this month, all are repeat leak flags from April and have been contacted and two are being repaired.

System 2
◦ Well Pumped 166,850 gals, (179,640...last month's data...)
◦ Usage = 153,801 gals. (173,496) gals
◦ Daily Average Household Usage =83 gpd (93.2 gpd.)
◦ Main Line Leakage Rate =0.3 gpm (0.1 gpm)
◦ Leak Flags Identified =5 (6)
◦ Users > 7,000 gals = 1 (5);
▪ 14,041 (leak flag); was repaired

On System 2, of the 5 (five) leak flags all were repeat leak flags from April and three have been repaired.

◦ Compiled 05/06/2021 by John Hines

Water System Maintenance: 2021 Water Maintenance-Meter Report for 2021

Water Usage for May 2021:

Water System Misc:
• Paul recommends W.H. Pacific. Paul said had the lowest bid.

Water System Misc: - John Hines
- Water use needs Report: For System 1 and System 2

Compliance Report – John Hines: May-2021 Water Compliance Report

Water System Coliform/Microbiological Reports:
• System 1 sample taken by Frank Naranjo, 04/24/2021, RT 004, 87 Aspen Grove
◦ Total Coliform - Absent
◦ Total E. Coli - Absent
◦ Disinfected, Residual 0.06 mg/l
• System 2 sample taken by Frank Naranjo, 04/24/2021, RT 008, 720 Los Griegos Road
◦ Total Coliform - Absent
◦ Total E. Coli - Absent
◦ Disinfected, Residual 0.09 mg/l

The State performed two samples from the Meadow (Forest Road 10) well and the Aspen Grove well for heavy metals and VOC’s (volatile organic compounds). The analyte was not detected in any of the samples above the method’s detection limit. Exact data is available on request for any specific compounds.

Compiled 05/06/2021 by John Hines

• Water Compliant.
• John said that heavy metals and DOC data is available. It passed with flying colors. The level monitors quit working. Joe Mitchell at is the contact. The test was done at the tanks. Scott Christensen submitted a report for the Meadow well, and the Aspen Grove well. The aquafers have gone up, and John Hines can provide information. Leak flags at System 2 6850 gallons down. The main leakage rate went down.

Wilson & Company’s self-imposed deadline:

• The self-imposed May 6 deadline passed. The engineering designer’s cost comparison was tacitly mentioned to John Schrandt. Task 1- Waterlines, Grant Writing, and Rate Structure which is the first of its kind in its jurisdiction. Need billing policies and the restrictions manual as well as handbook. Need an equitable and fair rate structure. Paul was asked to call and put him on speaker. Paul wants to move forward and said that proposals are good for 30 days. David said to vote on Rate Structure a tiered system. David asked if the members of the community needed to vote. No change to the bylaws with a fair and equitable way of doing it. Jeremy is looking at doing studies and bringing back information for us to look at and decide. Task 2 – need construction details and construction procurement documents. Task 3- Skip. Task 4- Voting thing but the community doesn’t need to vote. It’s the Boards deal as representatives of the community? Jeremy says to be clear, trying to put together a special assessment. Article 10 Section 3. A regular meeting in September. A lesson $300.00. It may not be increased by more than 10%. Amend. Working within to have the process take place. The by-laws concerning water usage monthly charge. Paul asked Keith to find it. Keith said a big change is avoid lawsuit and make sure we’re safe. Cindy said in a comment that the Board can modify by initiating any water billing and also pass it by the attorney for legal guidance. Harold said that assessing monthly and old by-laws need to be charged. There are 2 ways to assess members. 1) special assessment and 2) annual assessment. He said we have a legal avenue. Somebody will bring it up. Didn’t remember anything about monthly assessment. Ann commented that changing by-laws is impossible, and special assessment is doable. By-laws have never been successful. Her opinions are as follows is that 1) annual cannot be raised greater than 10%. 2) Some people get charged less. 3) Can give a benefit for staying under water usage. 4) Edit monthly dues.5) Docs address the issue of excess water use. John Hines says that 1) Do a proposals vote. 2) Decide whether we’re going to hire which company. 3) Discuss rate problems. Ann motioned to award W.H. Pacific. Geraldine seconded the motion. Jeremy asked that if we don’t have it cleared by the attorney, do we need to cross the legal bridge? Paul said that he thought we should go ahead and move forward to develop this program. We’ll make them aware of our by-laws. Suzanne mentioned about a personal report from Acoma Pueblo. Paul is calling to put on speaker. W.H.- NV5 Pacific. Paul asked if Juan would recommend them through Gil and Sheila for immediate attention with regards to environment protocols. They helped resolve issues. Gil takes the head and gets it done. One question for Juan was is there no further discussion on this? Paul said that we cannot go to the lawyer with a pie in the sky. Ask attorney. David asked if we have that ability as a Board to make the decision. Suzanne asked if water billing can be done without a community vote. Cost? Make sure to keep it simple with the attorney. Paul said the drainage is not included in the cost comparison. Task 1 is on back burner. Paul motioned on the floor to Amend W.H. Pacific Bid. Task 2 Water, Task 4- Water Replacement. Not Task 1 & Task 3, will be tabled until attorney. Ann motioned for bid amendment and Geraldine seconded the motion. David asked about the updated quote. Paul said that there is no updated quote needed. He asked if they had already inspected, and if we could see those inspections. Paul, John and Harold met with each one. Directors voted to pass it. Cindy was not present. The motion bid amended. 7 in favor, plus 1 more vote Cindy. 2 did not vote. Motion carries. Note: Each individual board member, with the exception of Paul Rightly who left early, voted in favor of awarding the bid for Tasks 2&4 of NV5’s engineering proposal for water system improvements & line replacements.

Water System Coliform/Microbiological Reports: John Hines

Roads – David Stuedell Reported: Short roads report.

• David said that on Trilobite there is a culvert water and ice buildup. He contacted Dave Raue. Covert runs between 12-15 across main road. It would be prudent to move forward additional culverts are needed now. Identify locations for potential savings. Paul said to determine how much is going through and individual reading. David said that we don’t do ending or beginning. We just know what was used. Just give people the number gage accordingly. Paul asked if that was doable. John said to read your meter each day. Cindy said, we don’t have a meter that reads in real time. John said unless you manually read it. We have a reading. We could network and software to read meters. David said that numbers are available, open it up to the Board. He then asked if we should add that to our report or no. John says it gives the reading the first of the month. David said that the information is available on the website. John said to just email him. Paul said okay.

Legal – Paul Rightley: No Report.

Firewise – Ann: Fire Preparedness Workshop:

• Ann said its feeling like June and May. We have dryness like May. Paul said that they are expecting a pretty good fire season. Ann said that Chief Taylor is planning more chipping and information will be available.

Architectural –Josh Toennis reported:

• Josh has a Home Improvement Approval Form.
• Contains Images- Internet pictures

Parks – Cindy Hines reported:.
• Cindy asked about thinning and maintenance. Ann’s observation is that large trees are down. She says it shouldn’t be encouraged to go and get logs.
• Cindy to Definitive Judgements: 1) For Black Bear Park, would like to see seedlings get thinned out. 2) A volunteer program. 3) A Fire-wise project. 4) To organize for something. Cindy said she will send out ideas of what would work for a date and time. 1) Park inspections. 2) Bigger tree removal. 3) Meet with Clinton Dill. 4) Sign’s list: Name of sign company a) Bids. Paul said to pay someone to put signs up. David said due diligence is good. Will send you that information. Cindy said needs to I.D. 20-35 signs and get costs information for the next meeting. David said to send the information to Cindy.

8. OLD BUSINESS: Paul: Business.

• USFS Thinning.


• Suzanne recommends or suggests Password and Username. Paul thanked Suzanne and Ann.
• Keith said that Taylor says the tank should be put behind the fire station. Upbeat and positive meeting.Suzanne said to be aware that 20ft – 35ft obstruction could need approval. Keith says the benefit is great.


• Paul said that GNA is the Good Neighbor Authority:

a. Update contact with fire chief for acquisition & placing large water tank from Intel –J. Hines

b. Update on alternate wildfire evacuation route from Los Griegos through FR 4AM – P. Lisko

i.Phone conversation on 4/26 with District Ranger Brian Riley:

1. USFS road engineer scoped work with him, 4/23. No need to build new road.
2. USFS road crew expected in June. Clean up gullies on 4AM, wash-out on 4A
3. Can possibly accomplish w/o Good Neighbor Authority, but remain flexible.
• May need GNA agreement with NMSF to repair High Road, do thinning.
4. Once roads improved, deliver doc to SLPPOA, indicating roads only used for egress during emergency circumstances. Combo locks placed on gates both ends.

11. NEXT MEETING: June 8, 2021 at 1830 Hrs. (pm)

12. ADJOURN: David Stuedell made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:47p.m. Keith Rigney seconded the motion. All approved.


Submitted by: Geraldine Burnworth