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June 8, 2021

June 8, 2021 (Draft 2)

1. CALL TO ORDER: @ 6:37 p.m.

2. ROLL CALL: (P - Present, E - Excused, A - Absent without notification)

President - Paul Lisko
Water Maintenance -
John Hines. Non-Voting.
Legal – Paul Rightley
Vice President – Keith Rigney
Water Compliance-John Hines. Non-Voting
Firewise - Ann Cooke
Secretary – Geraldine
Roads - Dave Stuedell
Architectural - Josh Toennis
Treasurer - Jeremy Oepping
Parks - Cindy Hines

GUEST(S): Suzanne Star

Jeremy Oepping made the motion to accept the agenda. Cindy Hines seconded the motion. All approved.

4. APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES: Approval of May 11,2021 Board Meeting Minutes. Paul Rightly made the motion to approve the Minutes, and Jeremy Oepping seconded the motion. All approved.


President – Paul Lisko reported:
• No direct report. Relevant updates will be addressed under other agenda items.

Vice President – Keith Rigney reported:

• Keith said, no document date? Ron Brown Realtor Buyer? Keith said, he did not know. Keith said there are title search questions.

Secretary – Geraldine Burnworth reported:

• Has a call in to Viola at U.W.M. regarding a dumpster.

Treasurer: Jeremy Oepping reported: June 8, 2021

1. The balance in accounts as of May 31,2021 is as follows:
Operating Account: $196,752.27
Reserve Account: $123,256.20

2. As of April 30, we have 11 delinquent accounts totaling $13,659.14. (reduction of $112.75 from last month)

3. The May amount of $666.67 was transferred to Reserves during the month.

4. There were no changes in property ownership in May.
We welcome:


• $196,752.27
• $123, 256.20
• 11 delinquent accounts $13,659.14
• Red-112.75?
• May 666.67 transferred to reserves.
• No property ownerships. Non- compliance.
• Water conservation fee.
• Cleared checks back to 2016
• Jeremy will check into it.
• Paul mentioned an email from HOAMCO
• Jeremy will pull out records and reach out to the state.
• Jeremy attended a Treasurer’s training. The last reserve study was done on 1/2017 a search reserve. A new reserve study should be done every 2-3 years. Recommendations from HOAMCO thinks we should be using our reserve study. Paul asked about costs. Jeremy said that the cost was around 2-10 thousand dollars. They have the basic information. The budget is 5,000.00 for next year. Suzanne had a comment. Is there any status on the annual report? Jeremy said that the audit group would have status. Suzanne said it was a thought. Jeremy said he will take a look at it. He said studies and reports should be used. Jeremy said a different firm would have a fresh perspective. Committee reports.


6. Hot Topics:



Water Maintenance – John Hines:

Water System Maintenance: 2021 Water Maintenance-Meter Report for 2021

Water System Maintenance: John said that level-con markers are still working. LTE is iffy. The total effort is $797.00 to convert to the LTE to monitor tanks. Paul asked if we know anything more about LA-Net. John said that they couldn’t reach our tanks at present. Paul said that we should at least spend this money to get the LTE conversion. Jeremy said that Level-con is $25.00 and still paying. Plan B? Plan C? John said that LA-Net can provide a service. He said that Level-con is our best shot. Paul asked to entertain a motion for LTE conversion for $797.00. Paul Rightley made the motion, and Geraldine Burnworth seconded the motion. Motion carries. John asked if we would be given an example. Jeremy said there was an $800.00 fee. John said that Elon Musk comes to our rescue. Paul said that John could follow-up with it.

Water Usage for June 2021:

Water System Maintenance:

Water System Misc:

Water System Misc: - John Hines
- Water use needs Report: For System 1 and System 2
- John said that there are more leak flags on System 1. 6 are repeats. Follow-up letters and leak detections. John said that more people have used up 7000.00 gallons. Keith said he would gladly help John And asked about the State Engineer? John said he sends in manually. No comments regarding the web page. He said it was a matter of labeling our wells exactly. Keith Asked if it means reporting all of our wells. John said he still reports them. Suzanne asked if Mark Stanley was moving. Paul said that he did notice the moving van in front of Mark Stanley’s house. He said that moving to Switzerland could possibly be problematic. 6 volunteers can read meters and enter data. Posting on S.L.P.P.O.A. website. He is looking for more people. There will be training to enter data. John said that the first of the month programming involves a remote meter reader when he drives around. The meter reader downloads well readings, leak flags and calculations for the daily with the laptop, and the printing out of the program. Geraldine B., Paul R. and Paul L. are to be trained in meter reading. John said that confidential reports are private. Paul said that it was a good idea to keep it with the 3 member volunteers and John.
- Paul said on the Master Services Agreement, it was worked out where NV5 agreed on everything. Attorney said no to arbitration, instead mediation. NV5 has hundreds of offices. We want NV5 to do the work for us. Their proposals are the best. Paul said arbitration was sent back and he had Scott look at it one more time. Task 1 and Task 4. Unifying, replacing water lines, water rate structure developed, and making sure of by-law compliance. Suzanne commented that they are going to be doing the studies at their own cost. Paul said they have already done costs. They will study water. Replacement of water lines will be sent out for bid. Suzanne asked if SLPPOA will take one of their bids. Paul said that they are willing to write the bid proposals. It's part of the contract with them. Suzanne thanked Paul for the clarification. Paul said he was trying to get some input and it is a good way to go. Paul already approved them and asked if there was any other input. Paul asked David about roads.

Compliance Report – John Hines:

Water System Coliform/Microbiological Reports: John Hines

Roads – David Stuedell Reported: Short roads report:

• David said that Paul and he checked out a location on Trilobite. He said that David Raue and all contractors are busy. Dave has not had time to review the location. Need to meet with Tug Leeder. It’s a low priority item. David said that with road maintenance we need to schedule a time with Tug in August before it gets too dry. Need to let me know areas that need special attention-culverts. $34,000.00 cost. David asked for any comments to take into consideration. Additional comments? Cindy said that Los Griegos’ problems need attention: 1) Cerro
• Pelado, 2) Shannon’s Way, 3) FR 10 and Los Griegos. She recommends that spot work is considered, but not the whole subdivision. For example, spot work early spring and late in fall. She said it is just a suggestion to discuss, David is getting a bid from Tug. There are some people doing spot work. Once we get Tug out here then spot type work in the spring for small sections. David’s last item is that Dave Raue indicated that he is no longer interested in plowing the community. How to bid Mark Ver Berg? Do we want a flat fee or fixed monthly bill pay? David asked if there were any comments. Paul asked if Mark Ver Berg knows that he has to sand. David said that we’ll try and get the sander fixed. It’s a problem area and another issue. Minimum snowfall is 4-5 inches. 4 inches is our trigger. Notify at 6 in the morning. Paul asked what else this guy does. He managed snow removal in Denver. David said that he can share the email that he sent. Jeremy asked if he was local. Paul said Vallecitos. Suzanne had a comment. Don’t pull everything off the road and gravel. Make sure he understands all we need for snow plowing. David said that Dave did mention he would sell his equipment to us. Plow, insurance, mountain equipment. Paul said he liked this with Mr. Ver Berg. Paul said to take it back to the board for discussion. Let us see what he is willing to do. Monthly? Willing to accept 2 or 3 contracts? Jeremy said not to negotiate against self. David said he would let him know that. Paul said, David or Roads? Thank you, David.

Legal – Paul Rightley: No Report.
• Paul R. asked if we could hear him. Architectural Board form? 1) Any comments? He recommended to Josh to ask the webmaster to upload, 2) Dealing with the situation. Asked if such words need to be used in our restrictive covenants. Restrictive Covenants need a majority to vote. Units 1-3 and Units 1-10. In various of these Restrictive Covenants: Butane Tanks, Propane Tanks take a more comprehensive revision. Paul R. said to unify Restrictive Covenants. Jeremy said that someone or some group will have a list. Paul L. said that he personally did not want to put energy into it again. Said to make it common sense. He said it was an exercise in futility. Paul R. agreed. Jeremy asked if someone was keeping track of a list. Of what has been added? Paul L. said that he could put together that list.

Firewise – Ann: Excused.

Architectural –Josh Toennis reported:

• Josh said that 2 requests were approved. 1) Repainting a house was approved. (There was no update on guidelines.) 2) A greenhouse on Trilobite. Building it from scratch.

Parks – Cindy Hines reported:
• Community workday proposed on July 10, 2021. 1) Mow and weed eat, 2) Trim smaller trees, 3) Bring a trailer, 4) Someone to take and dump it, 5) Provide lunch-Cindy is willing to coordinate it. 20 people will be great. Covid protocols will be kept in place. Cindy would like approval to spend $100.00 to buy food and drinks. Paul said that maybe we could have the Fire Dept. come by and chip it. Cindy asked for approval for food and drinks. A motion to allow Cindy to spend $100.00 for food and drinks. David Stuedell made a motion and Jeremy Oepping seconded the motion. Motion carries. David said it motivates people to come out and to have a sign- in sheet on a consistent basis every year. Paul said that there is no mechanism to take volunteers for $25.00 gift cards. Cindy said it sounded like a good plan. She will get a sign-in sheet
• Cindy said that regarding road signs she will have costs by the July meeting. David asked if Cindy could send out the list to review. Cindy responded by saying that she could send out which signs and their locations. David said that would be great. Paul mentioned questions. Getting someone to get hazard trees? Just wondering if you have follow-up. Paul aske if there were any questions for Cindy with regards to parks.

8. OLD BUSINESS: Paul: Business.

• Paul said that Mike Schacht and he were both of the mind that having anonymous email opens it up to have someone install malware. A Cyber Security Matter. Only knows that it is being used. Mike is going to post that it will be decommissioned. Shutting it down 7/31/21. Steps will be given. Paul said that from a Cyber Security standpoint we shouldn’t have this. David asked if an email could be sent to let them know. Paul responded by saying that somebody might have a reason. He further stated that we would give them ample time. Contact Mike for further information. David asked if Mike could be asked to send an email saying who it might be. Paul said that he couldn’t send them an email.


• None to report.


• A.) John left a message with the chief a few days ago. Paul said the sooner we know where, the better off we will be.
• B) Update: Brain Riley regarding evacuation route or a route of egress for fire. Paul said that as soon as he has a working date he would let us know. What is USFS going to do? 1) Road 4AM, 2) Thinning on that private property in that area with NM State Forestry through the Good Neighbor Authority. Any questions?

11. NEXT MEETING: July 13, 2021 at 1830 Hrs. (6:30 PM)

12. ADJOURN: Jeremy Oepping made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:10p.m. Cindy Hines seconded the motion. All approved.


Submitted by: Geraldine Burnworth