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Fire Weather Friday

FYI for Friday.

Bottom Line

Damaging high winds and dangerous fire weather conditions are expected to develop with a storm system on Friday April 22 for much of New Mexico. Prepare for possible impacts from winds or if a wildfire ignites - prepare for rapid fire growth and spread. Prepared for blowing dust if travelling. Bring inside any loose objects that may become flying projectiles.


A potent storm system will move across New Mexico on Friday supporting high winds. Winds should begin to increase Friday morning peaking in the afternoon where SW winds could reach 30-50 mph sustained with gusts in the 60-70 mph range. There is a small chance of gusts reaching 75-85 mph especially in higher terrain and mountain gaps. The main corridor of high winds stretches from the Gila Forrest to the NE Highlands. Impacts will range from blowing dust reducing visibility, downed trees and power lines, power outages and rapid wildfire growth if a fire ignites. It is important to pay attention to these fire weather conditions. Most areas will have single digit relative humidity with these winds. These are dangerous fire weather conditions. We have high confidence in high winds developing for much of New Mexico. There will be some areas that have less or more wind than others, but the potential is there for any area to have high winds. Again the highest chances of high winds stretches from the Gila Forecast through the Rio Grande Valley, and across the eastern plains through the NE Highlands. We will be issuing Fire Weather Watches and High Wind Watches for the entire forecast area. Attached is a PDF of this discussion with 2 graphics to add context to the wind and fire weather potential.

John Fredlund