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August 9, 2005


Board Members Present: Brian Reardon, Orlando Archuleta, Jeff Erickson, Ann Cook, Kay Karns, Karen Taylor

Board Members Absent: Kirk Thompson, John Fredlund and Mike Brown

Meeting Called to Order at 7:15

Minutes of the last Board Meeting were read. Karen motioned that the minutes be accepted. Kay seconded. None opposed.

Treasurer’s Report – Brian reported a balance at LANB of ~ $56k. Thirteen members still owe for part or all of their association dues.

Water – not available.

Roads - Sam Gardner graded all major roads. He was unable to obtain water, causing the dry roads to erode. Those roads that were graded after the rain are holding up.

Architecture - Karen reported that plans had been approved for a fence on Unit 3 Lot 2, and an Irish Garden Shed on Unit 1 Lot 24.

Legal – General discussions of easements.

Parks – Mark and Mike are almost finished thinning Chaco Park and have started Black Bear Park.

Forest Service / Firewise – We can start leaving our slash by the Fire Station on August 27th in anticipation of the next chipper day. Work continues with thinning and chipping projects throughout the subdivision.

General Meeting – John was nominated to open the fire station and read the minutes of last year’s general meeting.

Meeting adjoined at 9:00