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October 2003

SLPPOA Newsletter October 2003

The intent of this newsletter is to report the official minutes of the Board meetings and other unrelated events or notices which may be of interest to our Association members.

Board meetings are normally held the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 7:15 PM at the SLP fire station. All property owners are welcome.

Next Board Meeting: November 19, 2003

Meeting called to order at 7:20 pm with a quorum: Kirk Thompson, Nate McDowell, Ann Cooke, Brian Reardon, and Wendy Bisset.

Board Members Absent: Orlando Archuleta, Mark Doub, Karen Taylor

1. Ann read the September Board Meeting Minutes. Nate suggested that previous month's minutes should be emailed out to the board members by the minutes taker and they should respond with a vote of approval or disapproval. Only the board members in attendance would need to respond with a vote of approval or with edits. If the latter, edits will be incorporated and the notes will be re-sent out to the board members for a vote of approval. This would save a lot of time in the meeting because we would not need to sit there and listen to them.
2. Kirk moved to approve the July minutes and Brian seconded.
3. August had no minutes as there was no quorum.
4. Correction to the Sept. minutes. Petra should receive $25 for recording meeting minutes, not $20. Motioned to approve by Wendy and it was seconded by Brian.
5. Elections: McDowell was voted onto the board and Karen Taylor was an alternate. Suzanne Star then resigned and so Karen became Suzanne's replacement on the board.

Committee Reports:

Treasurer: According to Bisset, we need to have a budget meeting. Bisset put together previous budgets for us to use in the future. Wendy emailed board members a copy of last year's budget notes for each committee. Cooke said two lots in Unit 7 (2 and 20) as well as what is left to be included in system 2 (dependent on Bob Bootzin) still need to be billed for installation of new well in 1998 or 1999. Bisset will bill these lots.
Thompson mentioned that when lots are sold the sellers must be required to notify the buyers if that lot has paid for the new well.

Water: Thompson reported that inlet plumbing to the booster station tank is done.
Something is attached to the new concrete foundation
Electrician is coming next week to wire up the new pump and level control units for system 2 and to wire the flow switch for the chlorinator.
We received the system 2 level controller.
Bednar and Thompson filled in the pit at Shurter's place to prevent a breaking water line from freezing.
Thompson purchased a volt meter for the association.
Granel recalibrated system 1. This will be more effective to keep the tank full during periods of high use.
All that's left on system 2 is to get the wiring done, finish outlet plumbing from booster tank to distribution system, and pressure test.
No other major issues.

Roads: No one present.

Architectural Control:
Brian reported that Mills on Ashley lane asked to put a satellite dish up and he said yes.

Legal: Judge has ordered the two "wall" parties to mediation. Ann gave us an update on the wall issue.

Forest Service: No report

Parks: No report

Neighborhood Watch: Kirk heard a woman screaming because two dogs were fighting and he did the noble thing and ran out there with his rifle to defend the woman but luckily no further heroics were necessary. Otherwise, no report

Long Range Planning: No report

Firewise: Cooke and McDowell reported that the next chipper day will be held November 22 at Sierra Los Pinos Fire Station. There is going to be a two-week lead for dropping off slash. The board discussed that the fire department (or SLP residents with access to fire dept. facilities) need to burn the pit more frequently. Cooke will ask Starr to address this with the volunteer fire dept.

Unfinished business: Cooke read a letter that she has written to Bob Bootzin regarding the requirement that each lot in unit 9 owes approximately $500 for the water system upgrades for system 2. Special assessments are owed to SLPPOA for units that have outstanding debts. Thompson motioned that we include edits and review the letter before sending it to Bootzin.

New Business: No new business

Next board meeting will be held on Wednesday November 19th 2003.
Come with budgets and proposed goals for each committee.

Meeting adjourned at 9:15 pm