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January 9, 2018

January 9, 2018

1. CALL TO ORDER: Vice President, Mr. Harold Corn called the meeting of the Sierra Los Pinos Property Owners’ Association to order at 7:18 p.m. at the SLP Fire Station.

2. ROLL CALL: (P-Present, E-excused, A-Absent without notification)

Pres - Judy Kilburg
Water – Peter Veverka

Firewise – Tamera Weary
VP - Harold Corn
Roads – Brian Nelson
Parks/Architectural – Max Otero
Sec/Treasurer - Lorraine Otero
Legal – John Fredlund

GUESTS: Suzanne Star

3. APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Mr. Otero motioned to accept the Agenda. Mr. Nelson seconded the motion. There were no oppositions.

4. APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES: Mr. Fredlund motioned to approve the minutes of November 14, 2017. Ms. Weary seconded the motion. There were no oppositions. There was no December Board meeting.

a. President – No report.
b. Vice President – No report. Mr. Corn mentioned that Ms. Kilburg was not able to attend the meeting due to recent surgery and Mr. Veverka was not feeling well.
c. Secretary/Treasurer: Ms. Otero provided the following Monthly Report:

i. The balance in accounts as of December 31, 2017 is as follows:
Operating Account: $86,545.10
Reserve Account: $109,528.86
Special Assessment Account: $7,272.49

ii. Past due accounts:
We have 5 delinquent accounts for a total of $7,972.97. Four of these accounts are considered uncollectible; however, we may receive a portion of funds on one of them. We are still trying to collect the balance on the remaining account.

iii. Since our November meeting, a total of $1,112.53 was deposited into the Reserve account for the October, November and December monthly transfer from the Operating Account.

iv. The Sandoval County Property Taxes were paid in November ($1,398.14). We are assessing if any of the properties should be challenged since some of the properties were assessed significantly higher than 2016.

v. The Combined Reporting System input as required to be filed each January and July was completed.

vi. The Water Conservation Fee calculations were completed and the form was submitted to HOAMCO with a request for them to send payment in the amount of $162.06 to the State.

vii. The Legal costs for the lawsuit have increased from $36,314.37 to $41,385.72, an increase of $5,071.35. This is attributed to the ongoing appeal.

viii. We have three new members that closed recently and they were sent New Member packages. There is one other sale pending.

vi. Ms. Otero mentioned that that in the financials HOAMCO added an expense category for 6580 – Repairs & Maintenance: Streets and she explained to HOAMCO that we don’t have streets, only roads asked them to remove that category from the report. She also mentioned that there was a payment to L-E Electric Inc. in the amount of $129.97 posted to the Check Register Report. This was not one of our invoices and should not have been paid from our account. Ms. Otero discussed it with HOAMCO and they agreed they made an error and it will be removed from our account and we will be reimbursed immediately. At this time she is waiting on a revised financial report.

a. Water
i. Water Maintenance – In Mr. Veverka’s absence Mr. Corn mentioned as a result of the power outage last night it somehow tripped the System 2 booster pump light which was flashing and it was overflowing. Mr. Otero and Mr. Dave Schmitt responded and took care of it. There was no damage. Secondly, after the monthly report that Mr. Mark Stanley put out to the Board the leakage rate went up from 8 gpm in November to around 13 gpm in December. They tried to get a water hook up to the member that is closest to the storage tanks. Unfortunately, there is not a good map of the valve placement so they guessed by turning off one valve and it turned off the Levelcon. They then turned on another and it was a drain valve. The water started running down the hill so they turned that off. He is surprised that we didn’t lose water on System 1 during that period. He talked with Mr. Veverka today and he said they hope to address this problem after the winter season.

ii. Water Compliance – Mr. Corn reported the November 2017 Water Compliance-Meter Report

Water System Coliform/Microbiological Reports:
System 1 sample taken by Frank Naranjo, 11/4/17
Total Coliform - Absent
Total E. Coli - Absent
Disinfected, Residual 0.08 mg/l (136 Mimbres Way)
System 2 sample taken by Frank Naranjo, 11/4/17
Total Coliform - Absent
Total E. Coli - Absent
Disinfected, Residual 0.09 mg/l (1514 Los Griegos)

Water System Compliance Schedule required by NMED DWB for 2017:
NMED Sanitary Survey Results received by certified mail, 11/1/2017; NM3565423.
10 significant deficiencies were identified & 3 recommendations were provided.
12/7/2017 - I have provided written documentation to DWB (Tanya Trujillo) as to a corrective action plan. SLPPOA must take corrective action no later than 120 days from Nov. 1 (date of results letter). VOLUNTEERS STILL NEEDED FOR CORRECTION ACTIONS!!

Water System Miscellaneous:
Well meter readings were submitted to NMED DWB for November submitted 12/7/2017. Not yet done for December or for the year.
Need a volunteer to follow and respond to 811 tickets for SLPPOA, possibly with the KorTerra (KorWeb) automated Ticket Management system.

Water Usage: Meters were read December 3, 2017 (due to limited volunteer availability) by Mark Stanley & Peter Veverka, usage compiled and summarized by Mark Stanley. Lorraine Otero provided the updated meter database input file.
System 1
Wells Pumped 607,607 (589,087) gals, (...last month's data...)
Usage = 236,658 (228,441) gals
Leakage Rate = 8.1 (8.1) gpm
Leak Flags Identified = 12 (14)
Users > 7,000 gals = 5 (5); highest user = 11,317 gals (leak flag)
System 2
Well Pumped 248,850 (241,560) gals, (...last month's data...)
Usage = 126,012 (140,810) gals
Leakage Rate = 2.7 (2.3) gpm
Leak Flags Identified = 5 (6)
Users > 7,000 gals = 1 (2); highest user = 18,295 gals (leak flag)

Mr. Fredlund asked if anyone had contacted the highest user in System 2 about the high water usage. Mr. Corn said they have not. Mr. Fredlund also noted that usage stayed high in November but when he looked at the December usage he noted the first huge drop. The actual usage went from approximately 362,000 to approximately 304,000. He believes people may be hearing rumblings about what the Water Committee is doing but he’s not certain what happened.

b. Roads
i. Bonito Way Erosion - Mr. Nelson and Mr. Veverka visited the erosion site and talked about possibly purchasing two or three straw wattles to divert the water. They are about $160 each. Another option is to hire someone with a front-end loader to push the dirt around but it could be significantly more costly. Ms. Weary suggested using sandbags which would be fairly inexpensive and we could make them ourselves. Mr. Fredlund said he hasn’t had good experience with sandbags and suggested millings formed to an “L” to divert the water. Also, they are heavy and don’t wash away. Mr. Nelson will find out the pricing and availability of millings. We will need road millings for our roads anyway. In the interim, we will look at getting a temporary fix using the sandbags.

ii. Sand Barrels – Mr. Nelson reported that the sand barrels are placed and filled around the community. He thanked Mr. Otero for all his help and Ms. Otero for getting his reimbursement for the cans processed. There are two or three replacement cans in the shed.

iii. Damaged Culvert Replacement – Mr. Nelson stated the culverts are repaired and the contractor has been paid.

iv. Cinders/Cover for Cinders – Mr. Nelson asked if the Board believes we should get another 10 yards of cinders. It was agreed that he should. Mr. Nelson will contact A. Montano and Associates to have them deliver 10 more yards. He will inquire if they sell millings and get the pricing if they do.

c. Legal – Mr. Fredlund reported the following:
i. Delinquent accounts
● 100 Los Griegos - Haven’t heard of any progress recently, and have not seen For-Sale signs.
● Mimbres lane property is in foreclosure by a foreign trust. Named us as defendants in their lawsuit, saying we had to respond and that they did not want to pay us any of the money owed us. Sent email to our attorney and asked if we need to respond. Mr. Fredlund looked up the company on the web and the company appears to be shady.
● I never heard back what happened with the Los Griegos property that we were going to foreclose on.
ii. Lawsuit - Since our last meeting, we took our attorney’s advice and hired Steve Long as lead attorney for Suzanne’s appeal. Our Answer Brief due date was extended to January 18. Several of the Board member have reviewed it and Ms. Kilburg is most involved because she knows the history.
iii. Restrictive Covenants Violations
Dog breeders – Mr. Fredlund drafted a letter to dog breeders with input from the attorney. He brought a paper copy for Ms. Kilburg to review but she was not at the meeting. He will forward her a copy and she can review it when she’s feeling better.
Clean up of a Member’s Premises – I counted at least 10 vehicles on the property the other day. The letter has not gone out to the member yet. Mr. Corn said he will make sure the letter goes out.
d. Firewise – At the last meeting Ms. Weary mentioned doing a Firewise meeting at SLP. When she first talked with Ms. Ann Cook who is the person responsible for doing the annual meeting at the Jemez Springs Baptist Church, Ms. Cook was not concerned where the meeting will be held. Ms. Weary also talked with her about doing other things to increase attendance, i.e., high-altitude gardening, high-altitude cooking and opening it up to other interests in addition to the Firewise presentation. Ms. Weary will meet with Ms. Cook the week of Jan 29th to discuss the meeting further. Ms. Weary also mentioned that possibly we could get together a day or weekend with Thompson Ridge, La Cueva, SLP, to get the industrial chipper to get rid of excess slash. It was mentioned that there may be issues with where to place the chipper for use, people dumping their slash even for a short time, and liability concerns. Ms. Weary will try to obtain further information.

Ms. Weary sent the following notice to Jan Studebaker to post for the SLP community. The Forest Service is planning a prescribed burn in Jemez possibly starting January 11th through the end of the month. It’s for the Jacquin Fuel Wood Unit Intersection of Forest Road 376 and Forest Road 488, approximately 90-115 acres. She also thought about drafting an email and having Mr. Studebaker send an email notice to the community regarding burning slash on their property. Given the conditions of high fire danger, please refrain from doing any burning. We’ve responded to three wild fires since Thanksgiving.

A member of the Community reached out to Ms. Weary after Christmas regarding individual grants for firewise mitigation. Ms. Weary knows they’ve been issued before and she found out who to contact. She will send out an email or newsletter once she has more information. She said the grants requires a lot of work and documentation.

Ms. Weary mentioned that she may have found an individual to maintain our website and she will forward the statement of work to the individual for his review and quote. She also mentioned that if that doesn’t work out she knows of another member in our community that may be interested. Mr. Corn also mentioned that he may have another individual from Rio Rancho that may be interested and he will provide him the statement of work. Ms. Weary asked what has been paid in the past and Mr. Corn explained that one of our members volunteered his website services for the past five years or so.

e. Parks – Mr. Otero reported that a new lawn mower was purchased for the Association to maintain the parks since his personal lawn mower no longer works.

f. Architectural – no activity


a. Meter Can Install on Vacant Lots – Mr. Corn has no further information on this.

b. Webmaster – Discussed in Paragraph 6.d. above.

c. Excess Water Usage – Mr. Fredlund has drafted the proposed bylaw change.
d. Reserve Study Corrections – Mr. Corn said Ms. Kilburg still hasn’t received any word back on the corrections.

Mr. Nelson questioned who he would contact to borrow the Association wood splitter. Mr. Fredlund said the point of contact is Howard Fegan, 829-3031, the administrator of the two wood splitters.

e. Management Company/Accounting Firm Bids – Mr. Corn reported that there was no new information.


a. Ms. Suzanne Star asked the following question:

What has been done about the SLPPOA jersey bumpers, are they encroaching on SLPPOA land? Why haven’t they put it the west side of the station plus there is storage of their equipment there?

RESPONSE: Mr. Fredlund said that if they use the west side eventually the trucks would tear the roof where it overhangs. Mr. Fredlund said Ms. Kilburg contacted the County but has not had a return call yet. We are not happy that the County didn’t check with us first but the Board doesn’t have a problem with it because the County has the cinders here to do Forest Road 10 which makes it easier for us to get in and out and keeps our roads navigable.

Ms. Star cautioned that we must be careful. If the Board provides the County a permission letter we can withdraw that permission any time. In her discussion with the County, this particular area is a cinder yard for the full county, Thompson Ridge, La Cueva, Rancho de La Cueva, etc. The County could continue to bring in more equipment. Mr. Fredlund said he is reasonably sure that the cinders are on SLPPOA land. Mr. Corn recommended getting a survey to determine the property boundaries. He also stated that we could possibly work out a deal and get more maintenance from the County. Mr. Corn also mentioned that we should probably serve the County official notice that they are storing on our property.

Ms. Weary recommended we investigate it because if the County is using our property to store equipment and cinders for other communities we should establish limits and obtain a fee or other service. Ms. Weary said she will call Ms. Kilburg to find out who to contact at the County.

Mr. Corn will see about getting a survey.

10. NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, February 13, 2017, 7:15 p.m.

11. ADJOURN: The meeting adjourned at 8:47 p.m.

Delinquent Accounts

Submitted by: Lorraine Otero