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Road Work

At 8AM on Thursday, August 8th, a crew will be excavating two sections of lower Los Griegos Road. This work is being done to place isolation valves in the main water line to more effectively deal with the leak which has been disrupting service in System 2 for the past week.

SLPPOA Water Sys 2 Update

Sorry for the delay in any updates for our recent Sys 2 water supply problems. I want to make an effort to let you know where have we have been, where we think we are going, and answer some of the questions that have been popping up.


SLPPOA SYS 2 Water Turn on Time

Shawn Weary will turn on the lower part of Los Griegos Tuesday at 5:15 to 5:30 am for 3-4 hours depending on the on the water storage level.

SLPPOA Water System 2 Update

It is becoming necessary (probably for the next week or so) to limit the water on that lower portion of Los Griegos on a daily basis. The weekend schedule will be something like :

Evening water should be available 5-9 pm
Morning water should be available 8-11 am

Actions taken or planned by SLP Volunteers:

SLPPOA Water System 2 Update for 8/1/2019

This evening our plan was to get some water to everyone.

We were able to fill our storage tanks overnight and provide water for the upper Los Griegos addressed properties this morning. This afternoon we isolated and charged the lower Los Griegos pipeline with Aspen Grove and Outliers branches turned off, constantly monitoring our storage tank levels. However, the location and the cause of our leak or leaks is still unknown. Further diagnostics will continue.

Notification on Sys 2 Water Outage

In order to diagnose our struggle to recharge the subject water system it was necessary to isolate the bottom half of Sys 2. We immediately began to build water supply and pressure to those members who have been without water for two days. By this process of elimination, we have determined there must be a large leak on this lower portion of Los Griegos. The location and the cause of this leak or leaks is unknown. Further diagnostics are under consideration.

Update on Sys 2 Water Outage

First we discovered radio controller issues that caused the pumps to not refill the tanks and lines last night and this morning.

Currently we have both the well pump and the booster pump running full time (~30 gal/min) to fill the lines and eventually the storage tanks. At last check the water was rising up closer to the top summit of Los Griegos. The services on the east side and up to the north on Los Griegos will get water once the water reaches the summit.

System 2 Water Outage Planned Lower Los Griegos Rd

Tomorrow, Monday July 29th, starting at 7:30 am.

More specifically to include Cerro Pelado, Aspen Grove, Outliers, Los Griegos from the Cerro Pelado (booster pump) to FR 10.

Water could be off until mid afternoon.

Thanks ahead for your cooperation.

Harold Corn, Water Chair

Water Outage

In unit 3, 10 ...Trobite, etc may be out of water for a short time due to unforseen maintenance problems.

Apologize for the short notice.

Home 575.829.3636
Cell 505.670.5337

Bayr is Lost in SLP

Bayr (pronounced Bear) got out yesterday during a thunderstorm in the SLP neighborhood. He has no collar, is terrified of thunder and rain, and will run/hide to get away. He needs daily meds for glaucoma, thyroid disorder and allergies. If you see him or can catch him, please contact Tamara and Shawn Weary at 575-829-4315. Bayr is about 45lbs, ~2ft tall, white Shiba Inu with a tail that’s missing hair.