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System 1 Emergency Water Outage --- UPDATE 2

We are happy to report, today we were able to locate, excavate, and isolate the System 1 water to a point where we can claim a "normal" operation point.

What we hope this means is a Sys 1 normal water pressure for the remainder of the weekend (without the ups and downs of the generator powered well).

Monday we will plan on our normal contractor completing the necessary rework of a leaking blow down pipe assembly. Some interruption of System 1 could be possible.

The following volunteers have been extremely helpful:

Brian James, discovered & reported the leak
Chris Ross, shovel
John Fredland, shovel
Robinsons, tractor & backhoe, shovel
Max Otero, water runner
Brian Nelson, gasoline for generator
Sumner Dean, gasoline for generator
Peter Veverka, generator coordinator
Harold Corn, on site coordinator

Apologize if I forgot anyone.