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Notification of a Planned System 1 Water Outage THIS WEEK

On Wednesday, April 24, at approximately 9 am, a group of SLPPOA Water Volunteers will be executing a main line water flow analysis of our System 1 water delivery infrastructure. This testing could continue for approximately 4-6 hours.

It will be necessary for each homeowner service to be shut off for this test to be valid. Normal water residual flow from any main line will not be available.

Water System 1 includes SLPPOA Units 1,2,3, & 10.

This water flow testing will help us determine which section of System 1 main or branch piping to further test or replace this year due to leakage. A similar test for System 2 will be applied this year.

Thanks for your patience and please consider volunteering for similar activities in the future.

Normal water flow and pressure should return by mid afternoon on Wednesday.