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Notification on Sys 2 Water Outage

In order to diagnose our struggle to recharge the subject water system it was necessary to isolate the bottom half of Sys 2. We immediately began to build water supply and pressure to those members who have been without water for two days. By this process of elimination, we have determined there must be a large leak on this lower portion of Los Griegos. The location and the cause of this leak or leaks is unknown. Further diagnostics are under consideration.

In the spirit of fairness and in order to build up the system storage, the lower elevation portion of Los Griegos (including Aspen Grove, Calypso, Lauer Lane, Outliers, and Cerro Pelado) will remain off and will have no new water tonight and perhaps through tomorrow.

As always please conserve water during this period and please report any observed leaks.

Thanks you.