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SLPPOA Water System 2 Update for 8/1/2019

This evening our plan was to get some water to everyone.

We were able to fill our storage tanks overnight and provide water for the upper Los Griegos addressed properties this morning. This afternoon we isolated and charged the lower Los Griegos pipeline with Aspen Grove and Outliers branches turned off, constantly monitoring our storage tank levels. However, the location and the cause of our leak or leaks is still unknown. Further diagnostics will continue.

It still will more than likely be necessary to isolate the bottom half of Sys 2 as needed to refill our storage during the day or nighttime, so put some water aside for the off hours.

New property owners may not be aware of this email list service. You should go to SLPPOA.ORG to sign up for this service or simple check the front SLPPOA.ORG web page for updates. BTW, watch for a new look or theme on our website.

Also, I have failed to acknowledge the small group of great technical volunteers assisting with this diagnostic effort: Paul Lisko, Brad Shurter, Shawn Weary, and Peter Veverka. Tom Carter and Zech Robinson have offered their services and have been out looking for leaks.