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SLPPOA Water Sys 2 Update

Sorry for the delay in any updates for our recent Sys 2 water supply problems. I want to make an effort to let you know where have we have been, where we think we are going, and answer some of the questions that have been popping up.


Diagnostics and troubleshooting so far has revealed we have a leak on the main line on Los Griegos somewhere from the booster station to FR 10. We have isolated off Aspen and Outliers for some tests. A portion of this line extends up Cerro Pelado and those residents had no water for the entire duration until we devised a back feed supply from another kind neighbor up the hill.

Our loss rate, which is not sustainable, is 25-30 gpm.

We have brought in some "experts" this week:
1. A circuit rider with NM Rural Water Association came and acoustically listened to every valve, water meter, and fire hydrant in the suspect area. He is consulting with another circuit rider in Cuba for additional advice.
2. A professional engineer I have recently consulted with came to help. He has worked this week with Paul Lisko to decide where to install some additional isolation valves...more on this later.

Fire hydrant installation:
1. SLPPOA installed, with contract labor, the new hydrant/flush valve at the bottom of Los Griegos after consulting months with the local fire department. The objective here was to provide at least one "real" fire hydrant on each SLP Water System in order to double our water filling capacity. Yes, the buck stops here!
2. We have all inspected the new hydrant area, with no apparent leak or sounds of leaks. The wetness early on was caused by the need to drain the entire line for the hydrant installation.
3. I have been in contact with the installation contractor as late as last evening brainstorming the fact we might have hit an addition line in the area. Nothing else was excavated or damaged to his knowledge.
4. The coincidence of our large leak and the hydrant installation may be just that. A couple of members have reported they were out of water on the Sunday before we isolated and drained down the line on Monday about 8 am.


We are slowly but steadly moving forward. At this point, although the leak has not been definitively located, we plan to excavate the lower Los Griegos line this Thursday in order to install two more main line valves. We will then hope to narrow down and locate the zone of the major leak.

We continue to attempt to supply water mornings and evening in the deficient area although it is difficult to cover all the various schedules and still maintain a reasonable water storage supply.

Your continue patience is greatly appreciated while we deal with a very difficult problem that has even the "experts" scratching their heads.

Finally, I'm sorry to be out of town until the end of next week. Please contact Paul Lisko at