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SLPPOA System 2 Water Users

There has been some additional problems that have come up. As we were installing the isolation valve in the mainline at the junction of Los Griegos and Aspen Grove, I went up to check the water level in the tanks and found water running out from the bottom of the steel tank. We got that shut off. That was the afternoon a little before 1PM. Yesterday morning, when turning off the gate valve in the manhole at the booster pump, and later that afternoon, turning it back on, I never heard the typical "whoosh" of water that should accompany it. I checked with people in two residences on the line in lower Los Griegos and neither of them were getting any water even though this gate valve had been turned on. So it may be that the gate valve in the manhole is also malfunctioning. We will be working again tomorrow for repair/replacement of these valves but have so far found this endeavor quite daunting as it seems that once we get one issue resolved another one suddenly appears.


Paul Lisko, Member