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SLPPOA Water System 2 Planned Outage TOMORROW!

ALL of SLPPOA's Water System 2 will be affected as the 4 in PRV (Pressure Regulator Valve) will be replaced TOMORROW, 4/10/2020. System 1 will not be affected by this outage.

We will begin draining the System 2 at 8 am by isolating the storage tanks. You (Redondo Vista, lower Los Griegos, Cerro Pelado, Aspen, Outliers, Lauer Lane, & Calypso members) can help drain by drawing water after isolation at 8am. We must drain all water from storage tanks to the booster/PRV area to allow access to the underground PRV area.

Everyone on Sys 2 should draw portable water for usage while the water system is down. Please allow all day for the replacement of this PRV and the two main valves next to it. Contact your Sys 1 neighbors, should you need water during the downtime. With luck and no unforeseen problems, we hope to have water back on in a shorter span of time.

We appreciate your patience as replacement of this PRV should help eliminate the erratic water pressure fluctuations that some owners on the mid to low end of Sys 2 have been experiencing.

Harold Corn, SLPPOA Water Volunteer