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Water System 1 Status - IMPROVED!

I'm pleased to report System 1 operation appears to be approaching normal.

Water Storage as of 12 noon today:

Sys 1 = 72%
Sys 2 = 71%

System 1, with both wells running full time AND members conserving water, the storage tanks have almost completely recovered!

Backing up a few days...

5/26/20 - Discovered the Aspen well was not pumping; tried to re-calibrate the Protection System; the pump produced a few thousand gallons.
5/27/20 - Mark Stanley assisted me troubleshooting the control systems for System 1. We discovered some overheated components within the Pump Control Box. Southwest Drilling was notified for a service call with the potential of needing either a control box or worst case, needing to pull the submersible pump and install a new one, OR both.
5/28/20 - President Paul Lisko met the Southwest Drilling Crew at 10:45 am. Soon after they had a new Pump Control Box installed and had the Aspen well operational in a full time mode.
5/29/20 - I switched the Aspen well controller from "manual" to "auto". I also switched the Hovenweep well timer to run only half time.

I apologize to some members who were without water during this well outage. Thanks to all for conserving at this critical time. Members of both systems, please continue conserving water use as much as possible due to the lack of precipitation. June is typically our driest month of the year.

The System 2 Booster Pump system has also been giving a little trouble. Thanks to those who reported the red flashing alert overflow warning.

Harold Corn
Water Volunteer