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System 2 UNPLANNED Water Outage

At 5:00pm, a main break occurred at Cerro Pelado hill. It drained the tanks completely and they are now refilling. John and Shawn had to snowshoe to the tanks and then chip ice and snow off of the valve to shut off the line. Presently we have two customers without water on Cerro Pelado.

Beware that Cerro Pelado will be closed tomorrow at 9:00 am in order to facilitate the excavation and repair. Be forewarned that the upper Los Griegos has drifted and it may be difficult to detour around until that can be opened up.

Another main line froze on Los Griegos which we have been trying to find the frozen line for two days now because one customer is without water.

John Hines SLPPOA Water Operator