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Special Assessment Vote Results

Dear Members
The Special Assessment for $300 per lot for water infrastructure projects was passed by the membership on May 4.

Members Eligible to vote - 141
Quorum required (second vote) - 43
Ballots Received - 82
Ineligible to Vote - 4
Eligible Votes 78
Needed to Pass - 52

Vote Tally
Yes - 72
No - 5
Abstain -1

Next steps are:
1. At next Board meeting set date for billing from HOAMCO. We will all be invoiced for the $300. Payment due date will be on invoice.
2. Write Requests for Bids for the projects
3. Get at least 2 bids (or for the well select one that we trust to work on the well).
4. Get contractors working.

If you have any questions, please contact the Board,

Thank you for your participation in the process to support our water infrastructure.