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Official Ballot

To vote to amend and restate a portion of the bylaws of the Sierra Los Pinos Property Owners' Association.

Official Ballot attached below.

Officlal Ballot

WARNING ... Expect Water Outages on System 1

The Aspen 5 HP well, larger of our two wells on System 1, is currently off line and not producing any water. Troubleshooting by myself and Mark Stanley has discovered a defective well control box.

Hovenweep, our smaller 2 HP well, is running full time but is not strong enough to supply all our System 1 water needs.

A well company has been called. At this time we have no expected time of repair to be completed.

Please conserve all the water you can.

Harold Corn
Water Volunteer

Annual Road Maintenance

SLPPOA Homeowners,

Annual road maintenance within the community will begin on Tuesday, May 26th. Please be sure no vehicles are parked along the roadway. Heavy machinery, including compaction equipment will be used and some noise and vibration will occur. Your patience is appreciated.
If you have any questions, please email

Cindy Hines
SLPPOA Secretary

Notice of Special Meeting

Saturday June-13 2:00pm to 4:00pm

Sierra los Pinos
Property Owners Association

950 Forest Rd. 10, Jemez Springs, NM 87025

Date: May 13, 2020

To: All SLPPOA Members

Re: “Don’t get left behind. Time to get online.”


Dear Member:

SLPPOA Water System Improvement Expert Recommendations

Attached are slides from a presentation given by an engineer hired by SLPPOA and his recommendations for short-, mid- and long-term improvements to the water systems.

Job Description for SLPPOA Water System Operator

Job Summary/Scope
This is an entry-level flexible-shift position involving semi-skilled work in
connection with water filtration and pumping to provide safe drinking water for
residents of Sierra Los Piños (SLP). Candidate will be available on-call 24/7 to
address any problems which may rise and should reside within 25 miles of SLP.
The community of Sierra Los Piños is located at mile marker 33 on NM State Road 4.

April 18 Membership Meeting Repurposed

Dear Member:
The special meeting scheduled from 2-4 PM on April 18, will be for informational purposes only. It will be
conducted over the online electronic platform known as Zoom. To participate, please be sure to have
downloaded the Zoom app onto the electronic device you expect to use for this virtual meeting of the

Excess Water Use Explanation

Members of SLPPOA:

Attached is more explanation as to how the board and a special appointed committee came to conclusions of recommending a charge for excessive water use.

Harold Corn, SLPPOA Water Volunteer

Paul Lisko, SLPPOA President

Water System 2 Planned Outage a Success ... so far!

Thanks to all of you on Water System 2 for your cooperation and patience. It was a long but successful Saturday.

The PRV (Pressure Regulator Valve) and two gate valves were removed and new ones installed inside a confined space, each 70-100 lbs. The parts had to fit, bolted together within an exact space, end-to-end with gaskets between each flange. The PRV was in very bad shape being clogged with much pumice type sand.

Water System 2 Planned Outage SATURDAY! *** RESCHEDULED ***

Our key player with the NMRWA (New Mexico Rural Water Association) has asked us to reschedule. With moisture and colder weather predicted to come in next week, the SLPPOA President Paul Lisko & I agree to try for SATURDAY.

The urgency of this repair is strong due to the circumstances (the condition of the PRV and a recently discovered leak). Please stay tuned.