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Water System ONE is Operational Again

SLPPOA System 1 Water Users (Units 1, 2, 3, & 10) ...

Jemez Mt. Electric Cooperative (JMEC) has completed the repair of an underground high voltage power line on Scout's Lane. They did not hit any of SLPPOA's water lines.

Water supply was turned off at about 9:30 am and back on at about noon today.

Thanks again for your cooperation and understanding.

Harold Corn


Possible Water System ONE Outage Tomorrow, Thursday, 1/9/2020

System 1 Water Users (Units 1, 2, 3, & 10) ...

Jemez Mt. Electric Cooperative will be excavating an underground power line problem in the vicinity of Scout's Lane probably starting about 9 am, tomorrow, Thursday, 1/9/2020.

JMEC has requested SLPPOA shut off the water supply for this excavation due to the close proximity of each utility. This seems to be logical and a common safety practice we have provided in the past and will in the future as deemed necessary.

I will send another message as soon as we are back to "normal" operation for System 1.

Reschuled Board Meeting

Tuesday December-17 7:15pm to 9:00pm

The December 10, 2019 Regular Board Meeting has been rescheduled for 12/17/19.

Chimney Sweep Options

Member inquiry:
I understand Bailey's Chimney 505-988-2771 is scheduled in SLP this Friday......but booked.
Looking for anyone who might plan to cancel (would take your spot) OR looking for others to sign up for another coordinated visit on November 8th.
TIA Patty Blount

Another member, Connie recommends:
Chris Mayo of Amrak Chimney Sweeping (Albuquerque). If he has enough calls, he'll split or not charge travel. His number is 505-850-8663. Call for his rate.

Rescheduled BoD Meeting

Tuesday October-15 7:15pm

We have a time update/change for the October meeting.

It is now scheduled for 10/15/19 @ 7:15 P.M.

Water System 1 Pipeline Section Replacement CAUTION

We anticipate delivering water again to the current "out-of-water-residents" within a couple of hours.

Just a couple of cautions as you begin to draw water from your taps:

Air pockets and bubbles may be produced due to water lines being empty for a period of time,
Turn on your faucets slowly,
Slightly stronger smell or taste of chlorine is possible intermittently,
Flush your water lines for a short period of time.

Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks again for your patience.

Annual Member Meeting draft minutes

The 2019 Annual Member Meeting draft minutes have been posted for review.

Water System 1 Pipeline Section Replacement UPDATE

Day 1 (Tuesday) was not a great project day:

SLPPOA Water System 1 Pipeline Section Replacement Plan

Starting next week, Tuesday, October 8, at approximately 8 am, we plan to begin replacing 700 ft of main water line on Hovenweep from the Bonito Way/Mesa Verde intersection down past the Hovenweep Well site (border of units 1 & 3).

The duration of this project should take 3-5 days.

Some water supply interruption is to be expected, at least a day outage to drain the line and get started. Please plan accordingly.

SLPPOA Sys 2 Water Outage Update

Some residents again, on Cerro Pelado & lower Los Griegos, began to lose water pressure on Sunday and Monday this week even though storage tank water levels were holding. Be certain this outage was unplanned.

Today (Tuesday) a resident on lower Los Griegos notified me a pipe coupling had failed and was leaking.

I would anticipate a quick recovery since that leak was isolated at about 5:30 am today.

Let us know if your water pressure has not returned by evening.