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SLPPOA Road and Culverts

Hello SLPPOA Residents,

The recent road grading has created a lot of loose soil which is filling up the culverts. It is the responsibility of the land owner where the culvert is located along their property line to keep those culverts clear and dig them out. If the culverts fill up with soil the water from the rains runs across the road and damages the recent grading work we just performed. If you have a special situation please contact

Water System 1 FR 10 - Hovenweep Leak Status

The leak has been repaired! It turned out to be a cracked PVC adapter.

The portion of System 1 shut down this morning will remain off until approximately 6 pm today in order for the PVC glue welded fitting to set up. This extra drying time is precautionary as the water pressure in this area is high.

Thank you for your patience.

Water System 1 Planned Leak Repair

A leak has been reported for System 1, near Hovenweep and FR 10, by member Mark Croce; thank you Mark!

A portion of System 1 will be shut down tomorrow morning, Wednesday, 6/17, at approximately 7 am. Work is scheduled to begin at 8 am by our contractor.

Those affected will be from the intersection of Hovenweep & Mesa Verde & Bonito Way all the way on Hovenweep to FR 10, across FR 10, up to include all of Unit 3. These residences will be out of water until the repair is complete. Best guess is a few hours...assuming 811 locators show up.

Water System 1 Update --- BETTER NEWS

Members, Neighbors, & Friends,

TWO System 1 Well, Submersible Pump/Motors have been replaced today, Wednesday, 6/10, by professional well companies!

NEVER in my memory of SLPPOA have we ever had to replace/repair two wells in one day. Correct me if I am wrong?
Currently, both System 1 wells are pumping at their maxium capacity.

Thanks go out to:

President Paul Lisko for monitoring the Hovenweep well site today
Mark Stanley - for calculating our System 1 average leakage rate

Water System 1 Update

It's been a long day.

Please be aware we are running under a temporary water fix so that nearly everyone can have some water in the near term.

One well company will be here tomorrow, Tuesday, the other one perhaps Wednesday. So expect some possible water ups and downs the next few days.

Thanks go out to these good souls for stepping forward today:

Mark Stanley consulted on both wells
Josh Roybal consulted on the Aspen well
Justin Jones consulted on the Hovenweep well

Water System 1 Alert --- BAD NEWS!

So far...

Neither well on Sys 1 will start.
Hovenweep well has tripped with an "overload" condition and will not reset, Mark & I will try re-calibration immediately after lunch today
Aspen well starter box will not start, I have called Southwest Drilling to assist. They are backlogged with no predicted time of arrival

Sorry for the inconvenience. Prepare for no water for several days.

We will update all as things change.

Water System 1 Alert

It appears the System 1 storage tanks are near empty.

Please conserve what water remains.

Slash Chipping

La Cueva Volunteer Fire Department will be in SLP next Saturday with the county chipper. Contact Lee by email (see address on cc) if you have slash to chip.

As a reminder, we need to be able to drive the chipper to the piles and the piles need to be neat with stems all facing the chipper. This public service is hard work and doesn't need to be made harder by bad piling.

John Fredlund

A reminder to cast your ballot

Sierra los Pinos
Property Owners Association

950 Forest Rd. 10, Jemez Springs, NM 87025

Date: June 3, 2020

To: All SLPPOA Members

Re: A reminder to cast your ballot by Saturday, June 13, 2020, between 2:00 and 4:00 PM

Dear Member:

Water System 1 Status - IMPROVED!

I'm pleased to report System 1 operation appears to be approaching normal.

Water Storage as of 12 noon today:

Sys 1 = 72%
Sys 2 = 71%

System 1, with both wells running full time AND members conserving water, the storage tanks have almost completely recovered!

Backing up a few days...