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Sandoval County and Contract Road Work Planned for SLP

Please be aware that Sandoval County Road Department will be working in our area July 3-25 to include the following areas:

FR 10 - NM 4 to Aspen Grove
Hovenweep Loop - FR 10 to FR 10
FR 134, Mesa Verde Rd - NM 4 to Bonita Way

Also SLPPOA has contracted all other roads within the subdivision to be graded by RL Leeder & Co. during this month July, most likely to be the the third week of July 15-19.

Thanks for your patience.

Slash chipping - July 6

SLPPOA residents,

La Cueva Volunteer Fire Department (LCVFD) currently has the county chipper and is bringing it to SLP on July 6. It may return on July 20 if demand is great enough and our members have the energy/time.

If you want us to chip your slash, here are the requirements:

Urgent Plea for Volunteers!

The Sierra Los Pinos Property Owners Association Board of Directors has recently lost several key members. We desperately need volunteers.

Board positions currently open:

Unfilled Director Position from the last election

Notification of a Planned System 1 Water Outage THIS WEEK

On Wednesday, April 24, at approximately 9 am, a group of SLPPOA Water Volunteers will be executing a main line water flow analysis of our System 1 water delivery infrastructure. This testing could continue for approximately 4-6 hours.

It will be necessary for each homeowner service to be shut off for this test to be valid. Normal water residual flow from any main line will not be available.

Water System 1 includes SLPPOA Units 1,2,3, & 10.

Jemez Springs Bridge

I have it on good authority that they are starting the really inconvenient phase of replacing the bridge near the Jemez Springs ranger station today. Leave extra time to get through this area, especially as the local constabulary are expected to be ticketing.

John Fredlund

Hwy 4

Hwy 4 is open and passable. Still snow packed in spots but the highway dept is working those.

Sierra Los Pinos Snow Removal

Our SLPPOA contractor has been notified to plow and sand.
It should happen today.
Thanks for your patience.

NM 4 is still closed

According to, 4 is still closed east of SLP.

Update on Lawsuit Appeal

Update on the Lawsuit Appeal Filed by Suzanne Star.

The case has finally been submitted to a panel of judges for a decision. A final decision could still take a few months. See attached.

Roadway Parking Reminder and Congratulations

With the possibility of more winter storms, please take this as a friendly reminder to not park any vehicles on our main road right-of-ways and cul-de-sac turn around areas. It makes it very difficult for our snow removal contractor, Sandoval County, or the Volunteer Fire Dept. to pass a parked vehicle. Thanks ahead for your cooperation on this matter.

Congratulations! So far so good, knock on wood, we have not lost our main water storage due to a pipe freezing incident, considering this winter has been quite cold. Keep up the due diligence.