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Update on Lawsuit

On July 22nd Suzanne Star filed a Petition for Writ of Certiorari to the New Mexico Supreme Court. We are now waiting to see if her Writ of Cert will be accepted. The legal costs are mounting up and yes - this is your money!

SLPPOA Water System 2 Leak Search & Repair Notice

Please be advised more water work on System 2 is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday through Friday this week. Parts have been ordered for delivery on Wednesday afternoon and the NM811 Locates should be complete by Wednesday morning.

SLP will have a contractor working from the intersection of Los Griegos and Cerro Pelado up to possibly the intersection at Shannon's Way.

Water flow should not be affected except for the two houses on Cerro Pelado as that branch water line is recharged after repair.

SLPPOA Water System 2 Update

Tanks are filling and equalizing. Pressure is holding. Every residence except one (Sorry, Mr. & Mrs. Jaramillo) should have normal flow restored going forward. The suspected problem with the gate valve, which was reported yesterday, turned out to be something much less drastic. It was a pressure relief valve that had been closed. Once opened, that problem was resolved. At some point in the short term, we will have to engage a contractor to excavate and replace the line where the leak is now suspected.

SLPPOA Water System 2 Better News

So, finally some good news: An isolation valve was installed on lower Cerro Pelado today and we were finally able to determine that the location of the leak is in that run below Jaramillo's residence.

Paul Lisko
SLPPOA Board Member

SLPPOA System 2 Water Users

There has been some additional problems that have come up. As we were installing the isolation valve in the mainline at the junction of Los Griegos and Aspen Grove, I went up to check the water level in the tanks and found water running out from the bottom of the steel tank. We got that shut off. That was the afternoon a little before 1PM. Yesterday morning, when turning off the gate valve in the manhole at the booster pump, and later that afternoon, turning it back on, I never heard the typical "whoosh" of water that should accompany it.

SLPPOA Water Sys 2 Maintenance Plan for this Week

All residents on System 2 please be advised that an isolation valve will be placed this Wednesday; at the junction of Los Griegos & Aspen Grove. You may have to detour to get home & water pressure may be low on Thu AM as the tank recovers. So it would be a good idea to prepare with 1-2 five gallon buckets Wed night.

Thanks again for your patience.
Paul Lisko and the Volunteer Water Team

Road Work

At 8AM on Thursday, August 8th, a crew will be excavating two sections of lower Los Griegos Road. This work is being done to place isolation valves in the main water line to more effectively deal with the leak which has been disrupting service in System 2 for the past week.

SLPPOA Water Sys 2 Update

Sorry for the delay in any updates for our recent Sys 2 water supply problems. I want to make an effort to let you know where have we have been, where we think we are going, and answer some of the questions that have been popping up.


SLPPOA SYS 2 Water Turn on Time

Shawn Weary will turn on the lower part of Los Griegos Tuesday at 5:15 to 5:30 am for 3-4 hours depending on the on the water storage level.

SLPPOA Water System 2 Update

It is becoming necessary (probably for the next week or so) to limit the water on that lower portion of Los Griegos on a daily basis. The weekend schedule will be something like :

Evening water should be available 5-9 pm
Morning water should be available 8-11 am

Actions taken or planned by SLP Volunteers: