System 1 water supply limited

Still working on water line replacement, so homes on system 1 have limited water supply.

Please refrain from excessive and outdoor watering as many members are experiencing ZERO water pressure.

Please report any water leakage.

SLPPOA Water News

We are presently working on the association water main. This should not require anyone to be without water. Units 1 and 3 will experience low water pressure at times of high usage. Please think of our neighbors and take it easy for the next few days. One of the fixes we are trying to accomplish is the lack of pressure regulation on the Hovenweep well. When this is installed we should be able to maintain more pressure control on this system.

Peter Veverka

Calypso fire under control

FYI, there was a lighting-caused fire started last night, south of Calypso lane in SLP. It is currently being controlled by FS crews, but it will be putting out alot of smoke today.

Eleni Fredlund

More about Dogs

I got a number of emails from SLP people yesterday and today that had concerns and thoughts about roaming dogs.

Sabine Shurter sent me this important Information:

Please read!

Are Potential Wildfire Dangers Lurking Around Your Home?

Wildfire season is nearly upon us but it doesn’t have to be a disaster. While New Mexico State Forestry and its interagency partners are well prepared for the season, the little things you do now can make a big difference. Our friends at PNM have some tips on how simply trimming your trees could help prevent a catastrophic wildfire from potentially consuming your home or others around you.

Trees and Power Lines

Roaming Dogs

This email is a reminder for folks to please fence in their dogs!

One of our local homeowners was recently vehemently barked at by a honey and white husky. This was not at all pleasant!

As it turns out this has happened on and off at various areas within SLP over the years.

Thank you!

missing a dog?

Found dog wandering Trilobite at 12:30.
Please contact Lisa Gonzales, 829-3618, if this is your dog, or if you know owner.

Benefit Concert in Jemez Springs Today

Saturday May-20
11:00am to 7:00pm

A big all day event with a crowd estimated to number between 3000 and 4000 people will be taking over Jemez Springs this Saturday. 11 bands are expected to play music on two stages, one at the Jemez Valley Community Park (Leyba land), the other in Jemez Springs Village Park in the gazebo. The concerts, which cost $5 for adults and $2 for children, will raise money to support the Fisher House Organization,

SFNF 2017 Firewood Permits Now Available

SFNF 2017 Firewood Permits Now Available
Firewood permits for dead and down timber are now available for purchase at most Santa Fe National Forest (SFNF) offices. The exception is the Española Ranger District, which expects to start selling its firewood permits May 15.

Dead and down permits are valid (one district per permit) on the entire SFNF except for designated wilderness areas.