System 1 Main Water Line Replacement

System 1 Main Water Line Replacement

Sys 1 water main replacement is running on schedule.

Today, Monday, our contractor successfully connected the newly installed main on Mimbres at both ends. Sanitization and full, normal water pressure was accomplished.

Tomorrow, Tuesday Aug 8, each service line on Mimbres will be connected to the new main water line.
If you live on Mimbres Way you will have NO water tonight but can plan on water service returning sometime tomorrow barring any unforeseen circumstances.
We apologize for this inconvenience.

System 1 Main Water Line Replacement UPDATE and Notification

Sys 1 water main replacement will be restarting again Monday, August 7, at approximately 8:00am.

This week our contractor will be connecting the newly installed main on Mimbres at both ends. Each service line will be disconnected from the old line and reconnected to the new main. Sanitization, flushing, and pressure testing will also be accomplished.

If you live on Mimbres Way expect to have NO water starting in the morning and overnight Monday into Tuesday.
Water service should be restored back to normal sometime later Tuesday barring no unforeseen circumstances.

System 1 Main Water Line Blowout

When it rains it POURS!

Late afternoon after our contractor got rained out and all valves were returned to normal. The water pressure on system 1 started dropping.
Later it was discovered we have a break in the main.
We have isolated the Mimbres section. Those residents along Mimbres will have no water overnight.
The contractor will be here at 7:30 am tomorrow to attempt a repair.

System 1 Main Water Line Replacement Notification

Starting Monday, July 31, at approximately 8:30am, SLPPOA will begin excavating to install a new main water line the full length of Mimbres Way.

Every attempt will be made to keep the water on during the early portion of the process but temporary outages may occur. Residents on Membres should expect water supply interruptions a full day or more later in the week in order for the main line and household connections to be accomplished. Every attempt will be made to keep the water on at night.

Peggy Fire Final Update 7/29

Ignitions are complete on the Peggy fire for a total of 886 acres.

We had hot and dry conditions in the morning and early afternoon. This allowed us to finish bringing fire down into deer creek drainage and also strip out the remainder of the interior green pockets.

Peggy fire update

Hello everyone,

The Peggy fire is currently estimated at 462 acres.

Emergency Alert!

Sandoval county has advised that we need to be on the lookout (BOLO) for a person by name of Brian Griffin. They apparently accidentally released him this afternoon. He was wearing grey sweat pants, and a black short-sleeve tee shirt. He is also wearing a baseball cap; he has a shaven head. The county requests that if we see this person, call 911.


Good evening,
Do not be alarmed with the smoke in the neighborhood. It is coming from the Peggy Mesa prescribed burn, and FS is keeping an eye on it.

Fire Wise

Peggy Map updated

FYI, information and maps regarding the Peggy fire south of us that was a lightning start a few days ago.

Lee Taylor, Chief
La Cueva District
Sandoval County FD
575-829-3355 (Office)
575-829-9165 (Fax)
505-269-6435 (Cell)

Bear safety